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Member Feedback Post


Here it is! The Member Feedback post. This is where you post feedback on users you have bought from, sold items to, or traded with. This way people know you are a trustworthy user and will be more willing to do business with you.

Credits!: Before we start, I would like to thank prguitarman for the idea. Also, credit to pokewifi since I basically ripped-off their feedback post, haha.

PLEASE INCLUDE the items bought/sold/traded and a rating (out of five) in your feedback comment. Additional comments are highly encouraged but not required.

Negative feedback?
We now have a separate section for negative feedback. Please click here. While negative feedback is still allowed here, we would like a more detailed response on the situation left on the negative feedback page.

Want your own feedback thread?
This page is the place to go!

(please read these before posting feedback).
  • Please be respectful to all users. Yes, negative feedback is allowed, but please do not be rude about it.
  • Do not use this post for conversations or discussions. If you have a problem with negative feedback left for you, please work it out with that user. If things do not settle then notify me.
  • If you want to leave feedback for a user who does not have a thread, do NOT create your own post for them. They either a.) have not been added yet or b.) do not want to be added. Please respect their wishes. Do NOT add your own thread for yourself either. If you would like to be added to this post, please reply to this post.

    If I have misspelled your username please notify me so I can change it.

    That's it for now. Rules/more information will be added when necessary.

    Looking for a certain user? Below is a list of users and what page they are located on! Use Ctrl + F and type in the person's username to find them.

    Page 1: prguitarman, norkia, blodia, y__y, doctorsidrat, heerosferret, lineaalba, obscurevibrance, alabasta_dreams, redwolftamer, raifreak, darkyo, ridi, nyami, grrrowly, flygon, kari_xiii, hitosyura, raichu_saana, tsukiyashi, jedi_amara, kasaiface, icarused, juumou, pheonixxfoxx

    Page 2: chrissii, kiraras_lemon, eifia, happyjolteon, luffyewwhore, warandromance, shindow_kitsu, amirrorstwin, webofglass, capt_kitty, aftertheheaven, neoscottie, frugrow, meowthcollector, ravestar85, regen, animarelic, andyboyh, chibisilverwing, skinst_bomb, latifox, 216handsbound, naykomii, kiriska, yaoi_queen

    Page 3: keisuro, miss_fuu_chan, phantom_rin, wolvenillusion, shiny_vulpix, foxhack, fernchu, soddymothdust, straydogstarbck, scarsofsunlight, crimson_angel02, mjneko, ladylegsdarkrai, nefhithiel, girlunoriginal, akirajess, sonicelectronic, kanackering, eeveelution, rinkatink, psychmoonshadow, binx345, randomflavor, blackjackrocket, kefanii

    Page 4: _nofuturehope, teenbulma, penanna, sugargerbil, burntheashes0, killerjaw01, naykomii, seifer_a, friskavk, tehpixelpixie, babael, privatelyricist, armaina, alakazzandra, jaxtoys, lawlzy, stargirlshine, ambertdd, bureiru, sarakazi, xxlatiosxx, kaygee84, megguendo, rachelled, bugbyte, shadow_coon

    Page 5: iammyworld, snowshow11, nekokatsu, murderish, garefowl, broken_chan, callyfin, encas, andres_, atateatarin, goku_the_saru, iridescentfox, trainer_irene, audreypuppy, lazy_artist, lonepichu, kiohl, cuchonchuir, badgerr_ftw, mamoswine, vulpixlover, kimbo_demonica, double_breaker, rebelsong88, pacificpikachu

    Page 6: staraptor, trafficsigns, ktmonkeyj, paddlefoot_wolf, rocketharuka, whitey594, mizu_rei, hack_benjamin22, almiraswolf, chaosoftwilight, shemii, chardizzle, zachary_sparkle, jaebird, deadfishie, tomago226, acidmimi, truepromises, chargan_rawr, mommymoose, heenz, cy4nide, devi_white, darkrenegade123, jagged_steel

    Page 7: captkirby, citrus_vision, chibichimp, majoradrakken, ellonwye, vinylprinsesa, roll_chan89, stella265, sbwhite, nsoroma79, lieneemaahinen, xladymissiex, bitterwhite, yamadahachi, mudkip_lover, coatsinthefoyer, louispierce, toda, archimer, scytherwolf, papermutt, buddhatube, kamacazizero
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