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Guide to Identifying Bootlegg and Factory Reject Items and Sellers

First off, I hope this is okay to post. I thought about it for a long time, and I hate seeing posts that say things like "Oh look what I won for SUPER cheap" and people have to inform someone that sadly their item is a bootlegg/regject. I just hope this can help people out, but if for some reason it isnt allowed let me know I'll take it down.

Ever come across something that just..didn't seem right? Maybe a leafeon pokedoll, for 1.00 with an hour left? Something that just..seemed to good to be true? But then you look at the photo only to realize..wow that leafeon is missing its head leaf...you have just seen a bootleg/reject plush. This guide will help you spot and hopefully stay clear of sellers that sell them so you don't end up with something you don't want!


Everyone uses Ebay now a days, and Ebay is a wonderful place to find deals, and bargains. However, especially with the overseas market, and anime in general many sellers have taken real items and copied the mold to make unsafe, lead riddled bootlegs. And some sellers even still steal from the factory line itself!

Q: What is a Bootleg?

A: A bootleg is essentially...a copy of a legitimate item. Many bootlegs are made from harmful materials and contain high amounts of lead. Most are made in sweatshops, and other factories with the main employer being Chinese children.

Example of Bootleg compared to the real item:



Tomy figures are very very commonly bootlegged, and I could go on forever about comparisons. Even box's can be subject to bootlegging. [photos needed] A good way to determine if a seller has something bootlegg is by checking the other items for sale. If you see they are maybe clearing stuff out, its a good chance they are selling old toys, and its probably the real item. Just use good judgment!

Q: What is a Factory Reject?

A: A factory reject is an item that did not meet the companies standards so it was never put on the shelf. Factory rejects could be missing key parts, and look unfinished, they could also have loose seams, or not stuffed fully. Many things can be wrong with these items, but the people who are selling them are getting more and more sneaky with how they conduct business so we have to stay on top of them.

Examples of Factory Reject Plush Vs Real Item:



As you can see the first image is "bald." Not only that though, compare the body structure of the two and you can see the stuffing is wrong as well, probably due to faulty stitching.

Q: So why is this wrong? Factory reject's seem okay, and it can be a fun project to add what they are missing

A: Sellers literally steal from the manufactures line, and resell. They take away money from legitimate companies such as Nintendo, Banpresto, Tomy ect. It also hurts other ebay sellers who sell the real product, because these items are avaliable so cheap many people turn to them without knowing what they really are. Parent's do not know what a "leafeon" or "Darkrai" is generally. But we do, and we should know better than to support this kind of behavior.

What about the not so subtle factory rejects? These guys have taken it to the next level, I think because of our community posts. They now know to "add" a tag [I say add because in the photos it looks like they are simply placed under the plush to give it that effect] and even seen adding UFO strings.

The catch?

Some of these plush arn't even pokedolls, let alone UFO catchers.

Lets take a look:


Charming lot right?

They all have tags and seem pretty legitimate looking correct? Lets look again..


First off none of these have the typical pokedoll shape. Probably again due to poor stitching, or ripped off patterns.

The eevee is made from the entirely WRONG fabric. And whats that? Look ontop of its head, its a UFO string.

The Umbreon is just all kinds of wrong. Its lumpy, not in the right shape [the front legs should be TOGETHER not far apart and pointy] and just..ugh. terrible.

More examples of adding tags to plush that don't even get pokedoll tags:



These plush are NOT pokedolls. Pokedoll is not just a "pokemon doll" but actually a specific type of plush exclusive to the Pokemon Center. Those tags should only be seen on pokedolls, and even then on older plush/American plush because all the Japanese pokedolls now use art on their tags.

If you think the bootleggers and rejects are sticking to themselves and just mimicking smaller plush think again.

This is their newest plush:


Supposed to be the giant Lugia Pokemon Center Plush:


Us as a collectors community should try our best to stay clear of these types of people I believe. I really hope this has help shed some light, and will help people in making decisions on what to buy.

List of known Bootleggers/Factory Rejects on Ebay


***Please feel free to comment and tell me more to put up on the list. I want everyone to know about these people.

[Be careful of Chinese Sellers - Use your judgment not all Chinese sellers are fraudulent sellers, anyone from any country can have bootleggs as well but just use your better judgment when considering an item. Have a doubt? Post it here and we'll help]

Reliable Sellers - These sellers are people that many of the community has dealt with and have all had great experiences with. Browse with ease- your getting a legit item!


More Resources - Other Guides as well

Kefanii's Guide - http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/2011131.html

roll_char89's Comparison Guide - http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/3201314.html
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