solar_sceptile (solar_sceptile) wrote in pkmncollectors,

S-S collection~

Well, finally i could get a camera and make some Pics of my Pokemon
Collection...Iam so sorry if i put lots of just new to LJ and this group ^^;
Hope you all like my little Poke world...well i do like it ^-^

My wall with(almost) all my Pokemon Posters ^^

 Random Pokemon stuff, i had no idea where to put them

I got this big thing from the local toystore since they want it to trow it away
My Magazines, the ones on the left are Dutch only,
its an Pkmn Magazine what comes out each month

All my Pokemon figures...i know some are bright im sorry for that

 All my stuffed Poke plushies...i so love the Pichu on the left ^^

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