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Hey guys! I made kind of a comm courtesy/posting guide. This was approved by both Dani and Gin so I hope it can help some people out!


First off, request membership! Please keep in mind that mods will not allow sales journals to join the community, and they prefer journals that aren't totally empty. Upload an icon or add an interest or two, it's easy! We'd really like to know a little about you in the profile, a line or two, along with your country (this helps if you buy) and maybe your birthday if you're comfortable. These things make you seem more like a person and less like a spam journal.

Once you've requested membership from the mods and received your acceptance to the community - be patient, no mod likes being harassed! - you can now post. But wait! Hold on!


Oh my gosh, perhaps you didn't. That's okay, because you haven't posted yet. Let's go visit them right over here!

Are you reading them?

Reading them all?


Let's review them now that you're done!

1) YOU CANNOT SELL AUTOMATICALLY. You have to request permission to sell. You might get turned down for many reasons. Do not take it personally, and for goodness sake, give the mods peace about it if you get turned down. Reapply in a few weeks if you want to. Harassing them does not ingratiate you to them.

2) DON'T POST ART EXCLUSIVELY HERE. This is not an art community at all! Go post to poke_arts for some art love. If you want to sell digital commissions, this is not the place either! We want solid items for our collections.

3) THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO BE BANNED! Three negative feedback on the negative feedback post, stealing, ripping people off, canceling on reserved items constantly, trolling, and overall excessively negative behavior. We are a close knit group and we do not appreciate unnecessary negativity. Yes, you can be banned for being an asshole. If people are constantly warning you about your poor behavior you may want to reassess yourself.

4) BE A GOOD MEMBER AND A GOOD SELLER AND A GOOD BUYER -- I'll go over these in depth more later, though the rules are quite thorough so I hope you read them well!

5) BE CAREFUL ABOUT GROUP AUCTIONS! These are often difficult to run, especially the larger ones. Also, please do not constantly make posts begging someone to run a GA for you. If you want to bring an amazing auction to someone's attention, try to PM them or email them.

6) LEAVE AND RECEIVE FEEDBACK! We have a post for negative and general member feedback post. The member feedback post is for great or even middle-of-the-road transactions you had. If your items had surprise minor damage or the seller shipped it insecurely, this may warrant a low feedback score, but not negative feedback. Never received your items? THAT warrants negative feedback.

7) USE THE COMMUNITY TAGS! These are really easy to use! If you don't know how, I'll show you later on. PLEASE tag sales posts with sales and group auctions with group auction! This makes everyone's life much easier.

There is a lot more to the rules than that, but YOU NEED TO READ THEM YOURSELF so don't even think this summary was enough.

Moving on, assuming you've done your homework now...


First off, I recommend formatting your posts in HTML, rather than Rich Text. Rich Text is often glitchy and difficult to deal with, while HTML is considerably simpler. HTML allows you to use simple code, such as [lj-cut] your post here [/lj-cut] (replace [ and ] with < and >) for LJ cuts, [i][/i] for italics, [a href="]for links, this would show up as a hyperlink[/a] and so on.

Now that you've got simple formatting handled, what kind of post are you going to make? Here's what NOT to do:

"hi i like pokeman i have some plush and i hope to be friends with eve1 thx!"

Let's break down the problems here.

1) Lack of correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. You may think these things don't matter on the internet, but they do! One or two mistakes are understandable, but many people find these posts annoying and hard to read, as well as poorly reflecting on the maturity of the poster. Try to clean your posts up before submitting them if you want to make a good impression!

2) This is a really short post that tells us nothing about the person. We want to know who you are, why you like Pokemon, what you collect, and what you care about! We don't need your whole life story but introductions are welcome and appreciated more if they are somewhat in depth.

3) PICTURES. Pictures pictures pictures. Most people want to see your collection, not hear about it! A video is fine too, just something for us to look at is greatly appreciated.

4) Tell us what you want! Do you have a wishlist of some kind or something you hope exists? Ask us and we might know where you can get it.

Here's a sample of how your post might look before you make it:


Wonderful! I hope you considered the above suggestions when you did. Now you're going to get comments to your post. If you're new to LJ, this may cause new problems! How is everyone replying to each other when your replies only appear on the bottom of the page?

Here's a simple diagram (made by jigglypuff) to show you how to comment to each person individually!

Please be polite to everyone and hopefully they will be polite to you!


Now, you've made your first post. Time to make another one, right? NO. Please, we are a very high traffic community, we do not appreciate spam from the same member multiple times per-day. Try not to have two posts on the front page at once! If you need to ask a question but just posted, please EDIT your post instead of posting a new one!

The pencil is how you edit your post! This blue bar will appear above every post that you make, right above the text of your entry. Use it as much as you need to! However, you cannot edit a comment unless you are a paid member.

Don't worry about posting too much unless someone calls you on it. Trust me, if you are posting too frequently, someone will bring it to your attention.


Good members:
- Comment to people's posts in a friendly way
- Try to keep things polite
- Help each other
- Participate in group events
- Listen to what others have to say
- Make friends and have fun!

Good buyers:
- Don't reserve items and then back out frequently
- Don't fight with sellers over who got an item first
- Don't cause unnecessary problems for the seller
- Don't whine
- Pay promptly

Good sellers:
- Ship their items on time or warn for (reasonable) delays
- Maintain contact with buyers
- Have reasonable prices and listen to suggestions on price changes
- Offer reasonable shipping and fees
- Do not blame buyers if they undercharge for shipping

We all can get on each others nerves sometimes. The key is patience and tolerance! Even when tempers flair, it's best to learn to forgive and forget. Obviously repeated bad behavior is not taken lightly, but there are things people can agree to disagree over.

Q: How do I make an LJ cut, your examples suck
A: We have an entire step-by-step tutorial!

Q: Where do I put my feedback thread?
A: Right there! You can add your own threads now, so please do.

Q: How do I leave negative feedback?
A: Head over here! There is no particular format for negative feedback, but do your best to be thorough.

Q: What's up with the Wall of Shame?
A: That's for the worst of the worst. Some people have worried they'd get put on the wall of shame for very minor offenses. Seriously, you have to rip off/piss off a lot of people before you make it up there. I recommend reading over it and familiarizing yourself with those people-- they are banned for a reason!

Q: How do I buy from Yahoo Japan and other Japanese sites?
A: Middlemen! Whether you have a friend in Japan (unlikely) or you choose a site like SMJ or Crescent Shop (likely!) middlemen are the way to go. Please understand that all middlemen charge fees and shopping can get expensive fast. For help searching on Japanese sites, check out this helpful guide!

Q: What do all these terms like Keshipoke, FCS, Chou, and UFO plush mean!?
A: We're working on a wiki to explain many of those terms, but in the mean time, I recommend popping over to Sunyshore and checking through Gin's collections. Many terms are explained by the Raichu collection alone!

Q: What's a reject seller/should I buy from ectransfer/why the hate on eBay?
A: Fernchu made a guide about this! You should go read it!

Q: Is there a community chatroom?
A: Yes! We're located on AIM in the chatroom pkmncollectors. There are numerous tutorials online about how you can access a chatroom, and there are no limitations! However, please understand that we 1) want to know who you are on the community, so tell us your username 2) we dislike difficult to read text/background color combinations and may ask you to change yours

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