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Commission Slots Round Three

I've decided that since I'm still getting requests, I should open more slots even though I just finished all my slots this morning XD I've picked up some new tips with these recent plush I made, so all of them turned out pretty awesome =0w0= but all my examples are here for everyone to look at.

Round One
1. heerosferret : raichu
2. zenity : quagsire
3. iammyworld : mareep
4. broken_chan : caterpie
5. scytherwolf : growlithe
6. pheonixxfoxx : giratina (origin form)
7. lineaalba : umbreon (shiny colors)

Round Two
1. rikufied: togekiss - complete [shipped 08/05/2009]
2. lordqua: gardevoir - complete [shipped 08/07/2009]
3. grrrowly: growlithe - complete [shipped 08/12/2009]
4. glanth: relicanth - complete [shipped 08/17/2009]
5. japax: spinda(heart mark) - complete [shipped 08/20/2009]
6. ladylegsdarkrai: ponyta - complete [shipped 08/27/2009]
7. lawlietxlight: wailmer - complete [shipped 09/01/2009]

Alright, now I'm sure you all would like some details and pricing yeah? So follow the cut! [and read my commission terms carefully please ;)]

~I ship internationally
~I would prefer paypal payments, (if that's inconvenient for you, message me and we could work something out), please no gifts [I heard too many can get your paypal frozen?]
~I will not ask for payments until I start your plush
~I will also not finish your plush until I've received first payment. If I cannot for some reason reach you within three days of requesting the first payment, I will halt your plush production and move on to the next person beneath you until the first payment is received.
~The size of plush I am offering takes 2-5 days to make roughly; 10 at the very most. Unless it's something really complicated with detail, it's not going to be bigger than what I'm offering; Giratina is a good example of one plush that turned out bigger than it was supposed to be.
~There will be two payments, one for the plush when I start it, and one for the shipping/paypal fees after I finish it.
~Also, if you guys wouldn't mind letting me know when you receive your plushies and leaving feedback, that would be wonderful; the link is here: Feedback

Pricing: Supplies fee, a skein of yarn costs $3-$5. For every color that I don't have already, there will be $3-$5 extra onto your total. Commission fees will range from $10 - $25 depending on which pokemon you guys request. Shipping and Paypal fees will be added to your total as well.

Round Three
1. ambertdd: spiritomb - complete [shipped 09/10/2009]
2. raichu26: dunsparce - complete [shipped 09/16/2009]
3. asterelle: umbreon - complete [shipped]
4. nekokatsu: skitty - complete [personally delivered]
5. meuniere: omastar - complete [shipped 11/13/2009]
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