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Card Update!

Since it was my birthday yesterday, my friends were so kind to send me some cards! YAY!

Cobalt, a friend not on LJ sent me his rarest card! A Shining Kabutops! Now I have 3 Shining's! wow!

Fuzzball, AKA Pyrrasu here on LJ sent me the top four cards because she knew I didn't have any of those Pokemon. Including a Scizor, one of my favorite Pokémon! Isn't that so nice? She also sent me a Rotom Promo Pack with a POP and a RR pack! I already had a lot of Rising Rivals but fortune was on my side as I got a bunch of new ones! The cards on the right are ones I already had.

I have the best friends! :D
Tags: bastiodon, cards, cleffa, hitmontop, kabutops, luxray, machamp, moltres, rotom, scizor, stantler, turtwig
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