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collectors united!


This is an idea I've been batting around for a while and I finally feel like posting it!

Ask yourself a question: Do you know your fellow collectors of the same Pokemon? How do you feel about them - rivals, friends? Do you hate their guts? XD

I was inspired by my fellow Raichu collectors to start this idea. We are rivals but we always go out of our ways to help each other if we can and have always had a wonderful and friendly relationship (at least the ones I know!). Even in frustrating times like after bidwars between each other we continued to help each other out. With the biggest Raichu collection I would expect to be thought of poorly or with lots of jealousy by other Raichu collectors, instead, they always show me things on auction I don't have yet or come forward to offer trades for items I don't have that they found. You guys are just amazing!

On the other hand though, although in general this community does NOT have a lot of hostility or drama (compared to other communities anyway), nor do I feel the majority of our members need to be scolded for this, I've still seen some rivalries for other Pokemon become very sour, bitter and hurtful, too. I still see folks using very downright mean methods for hurting their rivals, which I don't want to go into detail, but you guys should be know enough to know what is just plain not nice! I also know that in general some very hard feelings form between rivals and I know how hard this can be to overcome.

This is why I propose Collectors United! The idea is collectors of the same Pokemon can make a button or buttons to put in their LJ profile. The button could link back to this post, and putting the button in your profile means you PLEDGE! The pledge is this!

"I will do my best to treat my fellow collectors as I wish to be treated."

Here is the sample button I made for Raichu Collectors! (you guys can make buttons together or just use one you made yourself, it doesn't have to be the same button for everyone although if you agree on one that'd be cool yeah? ;D)

NOTE: PLEASE REPLY WITH BUTTONS as a NEW COMMENT and not a reply to an older one, or I won't see it! XD
All buttons 100x50 please!

YAY more buttons coming in! :D you can use this code to add to your profile... just replace [ ] with < >'s and add the proper URL of your button/s!

[a href=""][img src="BUTTON URL GOES HERE" border="0"][/a]

(pokemon sorted by their primary or best known type; some will be in multiple categories)














Important note is, this isn't to form cliques or shun people who don't put a button in their LJ profile. Remember some folks just aren't as serious or interested in this sort of game, so if someone isn't using a button it doesn't mean we treat them badly. The pledge means you treat everyone nice, button or not! But I hope this can help promote collectors of the same Pokemon to be more friendly with each other, become friends and get to know each other more. It's REALLY nice to collect a Pokemon when others help you out!

So what do you guys think? This is just a little idea and not some moderator enforced policy, so please comment with ideas, opinions or criticisms! All comments welcome!

ALREADY AN FAQ!: You could make buttons for "ANYTHING" collectors! Meaning people or types or some other kind of group like "Eeveelution Collectors", "Flying Collectors", "Roark Collectors" etc. Anything goes okay? :D
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