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Diamond and Pearl at ToysRus

With the upcomming excitement over Diamond and Pearl April 22 I thought I would share how I will be celebrating it the day it will be released..

ToysR'Us contacted me and I will be sharing in all the excitement of the release of the games by being the entertainment for the event this ToysRUs is doing...If any of you live or live near the Tampa area come on out..This party will sure to be a blast....and I would love to meet ya too...(o~_^o)We will be giving away poke prizes, giving away Pokemon Cards, Coloriong Sheets,I will also be doing Pokemon Face-Paintings,and I made a very special CD for this event that they will be playing throughout the store that I will later give it away as a prize,and coolest thing is you'll get to see my Pikachu Car as well as Ash and Pikachu......(o~_^o)....

I'll post pics after this event as Maboroshi of RisingSun.net, world known for his cosplay photography will be there as well to capture the event for us..
He captured Worlds for me one year and he took awesome shots..
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