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Semi-Permanent Sales Post

I've decided to make this my semi-permanent sales post.

To avoid clutter, confirmed sales will be deleted after one month/ arrival of the item, and inquiriries will be deleted after a week or so.

Sales Rules!
1. Paypal only. E-Checks are acceptable, but please ask before paying with them. I will not ship until the E-Check has cleared, however.
2. I will hold items up to 24 hours, and require payment within 24 hours.
3. Shipping has a base price of $2.50 within the US. International shipping will be calculated seperatly, but will start at a base of $2.50.
4. I'm not open for trades at the moment, sorry.
5. I'm willing to haggle, but to an extent.
6. My items come from a dog-friendly home.
7. All sales are final, and items are sold as-is. Please inquire about the condition of items if you're curious!
8. I try to ship the day after I recieve payment, but I can be pretty busy. All packages will be shipped within a week of being paid for.

Noctowl is $15
SOLD: Skymin, Pikachu

$.50 each, except for Groudon who's $1.

And, as always, I'm on the lookout for this card.

Because it's the last Walrein one I need :(
Tags: noctowl, pikachu, sales, skymin, slowpoke, walrein, wanted
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