Fudogs Gonna Fu (mamath) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fudogs Gonna Fu

Judge Auction!

I'm auctioning off this guy!

I got my hands on a second Judge TFG! Never thought I'd get the first one let alone a second. :P The Judge TFG was only available in a 9-figure pack that had limited distribution in Europe (I think...?) and technically counts as a promo. He's preeetty hard to come by so here's your chance if you collect TFG/Kaiyodo/humans! :D

Starts at $10, comment in the thread below. The auction will end on Monday at 12pm AEST (about a week long) The auction has been extended to 9pm Monday night, PST. All bidders have been notified of the change. Please check the countdown clock here if you are unsure. My apologies for any confusion!

(keep in mind that shipping is from Australia, please).
Tags: people, sales
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