Kaitlyn Parker (kaitlynparker) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Kaitlyn Parker

Holy Grail Spotted!

Hello, I'm Kaitlyn! Nice to meet all of you. :)

I'll have to make a proper introduction later since I have an urgent request to make...

Since I'm a major Drifloon collector, I search Yahoo!Japan everyday for the infamous 'Airgurumi Drifloon Plush.'  Well, today I actually saw it on there! My only problem is I literally have no idea how I could even get it... Money is not an issue, but I'm not really comfortable with the concept of middlemen and all that. :\ However, I'm not totally against using middlemen if that's my only option... If anyone could recommend extremely reliable ones, then I'd be very appreciative.

So this is my request...

If anyone out there is experienced with Yahoo!Japan and is willing to try and win it for me, I will be forever in your debt! I will pay the end price of it plus whatever you'd like for your time. So, if anyone can do this please let me know. ^^;

PS: Didn't post the link since it warns against that in the rules, but I will send the link to anyone willing to help. Thanks for understanding.

Infinite thanks! - Kaitlyn.

PS: I'm seriously considering using SMJ.. Since that seems like the best way to go.
Tags: drifloon
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