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Eeveelution collection!~^^~

Hi guys!=3
I am new in here, pkmncollectors, and I wish to get many new friends from here!^^ Anyways.... I have been only like 2 or 4 days in livejournal, so I am new still!
Anyways... I wana show my little Eeveelution collection!=3 Hope I get more new figures and kids, when I am here....^^' So... I will looking your sales!X3 Anyways... Here we go!=3

Here is my Eeveelution figures:

Yeah... Here my figures!=3 My favorites are Espeon(little), Flareon and Leafeon!^^ You see my pink Umbreon? Poor him... I maybe like more that black one, but pink one is still cute!(and rare?)~^^~ I want so much the newest tomy Eevees!=3 But Leafeon I have arealy... Well, there is my Eeveelution figures!=3

Next kids:

Yeah, I don't have so much Eeveelution kids...o.o But I wish to get more them!=3 Flareon attack kid, newest Vaporeon kid and Espeon kid are my favorites!=3 I need Umbreon(s), Leafeon(s) and Glaceon(s)...^^' And more Flareons and Espeons to!=3

Here is, wut(my way to say "What") I have made:

Here are theys, wut I have made!=3 I doing right now shiny Umbreon, who needs painting...^^' I can show it, when It's ready!=3

Here's my another Eeveelution items and cards(without plushes):

This isn't the best one photo...o.o But you mabe see my zukans!X3

Well, there was all, wut I have now...^^' Little collection...o.o And by the way, I have collect theys Eeveelutions only 2 years! So thats why I won't have so much...=3 But... That's all for now!X3

There is picture, wut I drew one week ago!X3
Tags: eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, umbreon, vaporeon
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