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Photostory, Quick Sales, and Commissions?

This post is pretty image heavy. Dial up users be warned!

So, I recently finished a custom plush, and I decided to make my first ever photostory! I apoligize, it's pretty bad, but I had fun making it, so that's all that counts.

See? I told you it was lame :D

Minkyrus, (currently un-named), is made out of Minky! His tusks are a little...skewed, but I love them ♥ You can get more information on him by clicking the picture, (it links to my DA).

So I plan on opening a custom plush slot or two once my life becomes less hectic, but before that, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in clay charms? I've only made two to be honest, which can be found here. I'd charge $10-15 for each charm, depending on complexity. That price covers everything, including shipping and materials. Each charm would be made out of sculpey clay, glazed, with a lobster clasp and a cell phone strap. I don't use acrylic paints- all of it is clay. Please note that these have to be somewhat compact so they don't break. I'll be opening two slots if anyone's intersted. Payment will be required upon completion of the charm, and it'll probably take me a week or two to finish them.

1. Happyjolteon- Shelgon

EDIT: Concerning Plush Commissions-
I am planning on opening TWO slots. I will be making a SEPERATE post with rules later tonight or tomorrow. Be on the lookout!

All packages have been shipped! If you've recieved something from me, link me to your feedback? Mine can be found here.

Shameless Sales Plug is Shameless.

Have a great day everyone!
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