Robin Hickey (priestess_darky) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Robin Hickey

Does anyone know what this plush usually goes for? It's the Kawaii Nuigurumi plush.

I've been after this guy for so long, but I've only ever seen him pop up for sale once, in an Eeveelution plush lot on Y!J. I regret not GAing that so bad. ;n; I figure it must be rare, but there are also other Eevee plush that don't appear often that aren't ridiculously expensive.. so.. maybe it won't put a huge blow on my wallet? 8D; (Thank you that_zorua  for selling this plush to me! I can't believe that I am finally going to have this cutie in my collection! <33)

Also, I'm interested in searching for Mega Block Pokemon (for Leafeon) so uh... what would the proper search term on Y!J be? XD (Thank you ambertdd !)

Aaand my new Leafeon kid finally came in last week! ;u; <333

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Tags: eevee, plush
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