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Pachirisu collection!

I have a bunch more stuff coming in but I figured since I said I was gonna update, I'll update! The pictures are a little bit outdated, and very large... beware :3

Inviting, isn't it? Unfortunately since I have a kitten and 2 other cats, I don't get to look at all of this unless I open the cabinet doors. And even then, a cat always comes running!

The doors are great for taping flats! I also save little notes or drawings that you guys do for me ^^ thanks everyone!

A lot of cards... and stickers! I think it was a Pachirisu card that started my whole collection, actually...

Close-up of the top shelf part 1. This spot is lacking the most since I've gotten quite a few more items in here than it shows... but oh well. I'll update again when there's even more!

Close-up of the top shelf part 2. I have custom Shiny Kids from castform and someone else whose name escapes me... but they are very nice! I am currently trying to get the official Shiny Kids to complete the set!

Close-up of the top shelf part 3. The American-made plush are off to the right. I don't especially like the way these Pachis look.. all derp. But the talking one is cute ;U;

The bottom shelf is all plushies and smaller things. It took me forever to arrange them... I opened up another shelf on top (where I used to keep my bin of sales) to store new plush ^o^

Some cute figures... most of these are courtesy of warandromance's shop. Thanks!

Coins and things... I'm still looking for many of the Battrios... if anyone has them, I'll buy~

The preview was essentially the last image I showed you... and the first? I love that fuzzy bank! And my sister is obsessed with the Derpirisu with the face falling off.. xD

That's all for now I guess! I hope you liked my collection!

Also and I know you knew it was coming.. I have some cards I need to get rid of. I'm currently hiding my stash in the piano bench, along with my pictures of Bill Murray I cut out of the newspaper and laminated. >_>; Anyway hhheeeere are the card sales.
There are some LEGENDS too!

And I have a canker sore and it really hurts! >O< bye! Enjoy your Sunday!
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