Ritzy ☆ リッシィ (ritzyfoxx) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ritzy ☆ リッシィ

So what was some of the new/epic stuff Gin was hyping about?

Gin is going to handle some of the other epicness such as photo stories, johto, gym leader-y things, etc. etc. But let me show you what I snagged that none of us have ever seen before! Some of you may not be as hyped as others, but I'm still super excited to have snagged it!

We went into a large Japanese bookstore near Time Square in NYC hoping to find a copy of "Pokemon Fan" but they sadly did not carry it. We also didn't expect to find any interesting Pokemon goodies, but we were awesomely mistaken! Intermixed among some other Pokemon sticker books was this one based on the Trozei game. Neither Gin, Lissie (mamoswine), nor myself have ever seen the Trozei set before and since it was shrink-wrapped, you couldn't tell what stickers were actually inside.

Since I absolutely adore Zangoose and I know he was in the gashapon Trozei sticker set (as well as on the outside of the book) I figured I'd go ahead and buy it to see what it was all about.

Holy. Frickin'. Crap.

It is CHUCK FULL of Trozie-style stickers of characters I didn't even know got merch from it! For everyone's pleasure, I have scanned the entire book from front cover to back cover. Each page is about 3.5in x 3.5in [~9cm x 9cm] so the stickers are a nice sticker-y size! I'll now stop babbling now and just let the pictures speak for themselves...

[Start actual sticker pages]

[End actual sticker pages]


*_______* Yes.. I'm sure you can see why I was so happy. Most of these will be up for sale/auction sometime soon-ish. All I ask is please don't ask me which ones will be up or when I'll be putting them up. LET IT BE A SURPRISE! ♥

Also, if anyone wants to use any of these pics, all I ask is that you credit/source me. :3

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