saiyamewome (saiyamewome) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Few more custom plushies photo

Hey again, Showing few more other photos that are customs~

Here's what some most ppl loves, Togekiss~ [he looks like a jetplane!!!]
well like around few weeks/days ago, it was lonepichu b-day, but I made her a late bday gift though.
I know she haves a favorite to Togekiss, so I made her one and shipped already~

Later when I did finish Togetic plush (i'm pretty sure you seen it not that long ago), and now Togekiss I was able to take a photo of this~

Togepi's Evolution Line~

The only ghost and 4th generation pkmn I like, Froslass.
I probably did some screw ups if you wanna read the descriptions, see more photos, and yes her body is hollow~
That's what the pokedex said. XD

[my shiny lickytung is behind froslass!, he's so cute :3]

Right now I'm done with whatever I like, I rarely made any plush custom for myself. So I had some little chance to do it which was 3 so far anyways, rapidash, froslass and togetic.

I dont mind taking commissions at the moment but I can only take 1 or 2 ppl on here. well not sure if I should on here. I'm not good at this, bleh :P
I just left whatever rules and cost on my front page here if you scroll down.

I'm still not use to LJ, and cindy still need to teach me LJ when she's not busy~

I hope you enjoyed this~

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