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Zorua Custom, Questions, and Plush Mountain!

Wow. Today sure does seem to be the day for plushies and customs. ^^' Anyway, I finally finished my Zorua that I'd been working on and decided to show her off. Took me a bit longer then I thought though. (3-day cram session. XD 18+ hours!!! >_<) So, without further ado, let me present you with my zorua! (Anyone know the japanese word for "illusion"? That what I want to name her. ^^')


Side view with Sora as a size ref. ^^

Better view of her face. ^^

Ok, now for some quick Q's.
1) Any advice on making more pointed muzzles on plush? Her face came out a little squished. XD
2) I'm trying to make some tye-dye pokemon curtains with white silhouettes, but I can't think of how to do it where it will work. And with curtains costing $40-60 I don't want to ruin them! ideas?

And last but not least some detail pics of my plush mountain! You can open the pics in a dif tab/window to see them bigger. ^^ You can also go here to see more pics:

 Mini Jakks Plushies

  Talking Jakks

 hasbros and a couple of Jakks that were playing hookie int he last shot. XD

 Pokedolls and random japanese plush. (piplup is a US-UFO) And one more jakks hookie. @_@

 NYCPC Plush, 1/1's, and Jumbo Jakks Pika. ^^

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