Risu-Z (risuz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hola :]

Hola, pkmncollectors.

My name is Ricky and I'm new here. Hopefully I can become a good member and a good friend to everyone here. My favorite Pokemon [as weird as it sounds] are ones with big bushy tails, like Pachirisu, Zangoose and Skuntank. Another set of Pokemon that I really like are the Legendary beast. And then there are the random ones like Porygons, Rotom and Castform.

But my main focus in collecting are going to be on Pachirisu, Zangoose and Skuntank, even though there isn't much on the latter two. My collection is very small and random, mainly because I am barely starting to collect and since I really have not focussed in on expanding it. But, with the help of someone very important in my life, I am starting to focus on a Pachirisu, Zangoose and Skuntank collection, hopefully being able to help with them with their collection on the way.

I most likely will not be able to buy much, and most likely will not sell, because I'm still in high school and I do not have a steady income. But, hopefully, once I move to college and get a nice job, I will be able to be more active in those areas of this community. But for now, I will be just getting aquainted with this community, hopefully learning a lot about collecting and getting tips.

Anyways, this is my [small] collection:

My Banpresto Sleeping Pachirisu, BK Pachirisu Hand holder, Pachirisu lv. 23 DP promo, Kyogre figure, Mini Mespirit plus [found on the floor at the mall xD], Charizard plush, and even though they aren't Pokemon, my huge Mario plush and my mini Mario and Yoshi plushes

My U-Mate Castform/PokeBall plush and my PreRelease Rotom sleeves.

Well, I hope I fit in here and make some good friends. :]

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