Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

yay for teh electrix

TOOOONNNNNS of stuff!!

i am finally posting some photos of all the stuff ive received/bought from here. if you sold me something and its NOt PICTURED then it is a christmas present for someone reading XD. also pics from my trip to the OSAKA POKEMON CENTER and also the doctor's christmas apparel! also a bit of a wanted list...


out of curiosity, how many of you all still want the new leafeon and glaceon dolls? if a ton of you want then i can stock them, but if you all already bought the 200% overpriced ones on ebay forget it XD

anyway yaaaay have a look!

RENTORAH KESHIPOKE. while in osaka i saw the new keshipoke had come out and was like "well... sigh. i might as well try for rentorah." i certaintly wouldnt get her, because shinx took me about 15 tries to get, and it landed me with tons of them i can't even sell for profit because they are already expensive for tiny figures.

so i got just 4 boxes.......

and rentorah was in the third!!!! i fucking SCREAMED and my fiancee looked at my like i was an embarrassing gaigin screaming about stuff outside of the lawson next to the pokemon center :)

and to show how this is the TINIEST RENTORAH EVAR!!! and coming soon to lions collection: the shinx marble (i hope) and jakks shinx! not to mention all the custom plushies i commissioned back in summer when i could almost afford to do stuff like that.

moving on SHINY RENTORAH AND RAICHU just for me, by juumou! i sent the rentorah along to be painted and raichu was a present. juumouuuuuuuuu 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

OMG ROTOM MUG its so cute and such good quality!! THANK YOU TKSAMA!!!! and for all the oatmeal and peanut butter bars!!! ;-;!!! the electrode is from happyjolteon and zapdos i got FOREVER ago and forgot to post because i suck. now i also want the jolteon poke kid i don't have (the one with it's mouth open, anyone wanna sell to me?)

stadium figures from the "pencil topper" generation (i hate to call them that D:). i decided i want to collect figures from this nearly 10 year long series for all electric pokemon. i am still missing a ton because i am lazy, like all three sheeps, both fishies, raikou, minun, elekid, magnemite, voltorb, etc. ill make a proper list later, but does anybody have anything like these? i will pay :D

RENTORAH CLIPS by juumou MURRRRR!!! there's actually two, but here is one modeled by shinxy. YAY!! so cute.

stuff from AUCTION! the big huge blue cloth is actually a "bag" for bentou boxes. and a bookmark, and an old card magazine, of raichu! yay! too lazy yet to take the proper photos for my site. more raichu stuff is coming: a new hat raichusaana found me (I LOVE YOU!!) and..... something else, i swear. i forgot D: OH YEAH the new card and card box :D its a huge raichu themed set! anyway.

two raichu shirts i also got. the raichu vrs. pidgey shirt is big enough for me to wear! but why is it wet in this photo? @_@ what did i do? ew. i'll have to wash it. meh ;-;

the doctor is in his christmas spirit! :D

and i made sure the lights string over the gang :D

also, i went to the osaka pokemon center shortly before it closed a few nights ago (when i was in osaka, obviously!)

osaka's mascots are meowth and squirtle!

some mystery dungeon ads. the japansese says "I'VE TURNED INTO A POKEMON!!!"

i left this photo big so you can SUCK IT ALL UP :DDD

this should be my tree D:

this is a photo for aftertheheaven. its most of the stuff i have here for her. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW BABE :D

and thats the end... hope you liked :D
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