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I'm back...

I am back from what was pretty much an enjoyable vacation...If you heard about a ship on the news, "Celebrity Mercury" that had an illness on board...Well, that was the very ship I was on! Luckily, I never got sick...Rodney did get the stomach bug briefly and was isolated to our room for 24 hours! Anyway, this is pkmncollectors and let us talk Pokemon!! 

I had a small amount of packages awaiting me upon my return. I don't have anything else coming in at this I figure I might as well show off the little I have recently received:

First up, we have the last Giratina Origin PokeDoll item I needed! Well, unless there is something else out there that I do not know of it's existence!! A big thanks goes out to ambertdd, for without you I would of never found this awesome charm...

Everyone should have a Giratina Origin Form mechanical pencil...


Gorgeous Legend Cards!!!

(click for a bigger pic if you like)

I sighed a huge sigh of relief when this arrived. I was so afraid that the not so swift mail carrier had lost my package containing this topper! A big thanks goes out to shadoweon and of course denkimouse!!

I had preordered a copy of SoulSilver from Gamestop. My neighbor had promised she would pick-up the game on the release date while I was on vacation. She didn', no Lugia for me! Luckily, I ordered Ho-oh from right before I left...

Now, for the best part of this post...A tale staring the one and only Pickles!!

Looks like Pickles is going to get in trouble...

Better be careful Pickles...

I hope you learned your lesson little worm!! XD

It also seems, even on vacation...I can not escape Pokemon:

This poster was found on the island of St. Maarten!! On this very island, Pickles made a new friend:

Alright, now for the not so happy part of this post...My collection(s). I have been in deep thought about my Pokemon collecting since my return! Space is becoming more and more limited, especially with the recent release of new Suicune stuff and money is becoming tight. As some know, I will be heading to Vegas on April 5th and returning on the 16th. I need to come up with some $$$ so my "kids" can go back to the pet resort at this time. The Vegas trip was kind of spur of the moment, my boyfriend Rodney is having a family reunion there and originally he was just goign to go and insisted that I go too!!

What am I getting at you wonder? I am cutting my collection(s) back to Suicune, Giratina Origin and Purugly. Everything else will be fore sale at some point!! So, here we have the remainder of my Zard collection:

Ok, if you are interested in all the Charizard items listed below...First, I don't blame you for it is a great way to jump start your collection! There is a lot of rare stuff listed here! Second, I can do what is remaining for $350.00 $290.00 $220.00 $115.00. This DOES NOT include shipping or Paypal fees, those are separate. I DO accept payment plans, but payment will be expected when payment is due and the sooner the better...time is ticking away! Due date will be set-up at your convenience though. I will, throw in a free Charizard Banpresto watch seen here:

Zard Watch

Yes, it is mint and in the original box...the watch just needs new batteries!!

Pokemon Center Zard Plush - $50.00 - Does come with original hang tag, tag is not mint! - (SOLD!)
Very Gently Loved Banpresto Zard - $30.00 - Does NOT come with hang tag! - (SOLD!)

Gorgeous Charizard Zukan - $60.00 - (SOLD!)

Clear & Regular Charizard Kids Figures - $10.00 for both - I won't separate! - (SOLD!)
Shiny Charizard Kids Figure - $55.00 - (SOLD!)

Rare Charizard Tomy Figure - $20.00 - (SOLD!)
Shiny Charizard Hasbro Figure - $60.00 - (SOLD!)
Charizard Foot Prints Figure - $3.00 - (SOLD!)
Charizard Snap Together Model - $10.00 - (SOLD!)
Lights & Sounds Large Hasbro Figure - $15.00 - Has minor imperfections but still works!! - (SOLD!)
Thinkchip Zard - $5.00 - (SOLD!)

Cube Zard Figure - $10.00 - (SOLD!)
Unused Charizard Stamp - $7.00 - (SOLD!)
Charizard Chess Figure - $8.00 - (SOLD!)
Clear Red Zard Figure - $3.00 - (SOLD!)
Fuzzy Charmander & Zard - $5.00 for both - I won't separate! - (SOLD!)

Charizard Movable Keychain - $5.00 - (SOLD!)
Charizard Pokemon Center Button - $10.00 - (SOLD!)

Bandai Charizard Figure - $20.00 - (SOLD!)

(Comes with original box and all parts. I can ship the figure without the box to save you some $$$, just ask!)

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!! I hate to do this, for it is not easy!!
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