Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

an epiphany

Hey guys. To be honest, this is a pretty hard post for me to make.

I've been pretty down this month and I realized a big reason is my collection. Having rare collectible items surrounding me at all times just isn't making me happy like it once did. I'm not quitting entirely, I just need a break, and I want money. Piles of money can make me happier than any amount of silly, ridiculous plush dolls and one of a kind custom toys. So, I'm selling some of the rarer things in my collection.

I also just think it's time to grow up. Almost out of college and still enjoying the company of toys and toy collectors is just sad. It's time to put on a suit and get a briefcase and take life seriously. Fun is supposed to stop past a certain age, you know? Especially if collecting toys is what you consider fun. That's just immature, and ignorant, and a waste of money. Collecting trophies, baseball cards, wine, shoes, or DVDs - that is acceptable in society, not this dumb toy stuff. Actually I'm already signed up for some pretty cool golf and boating lessons, and I have some tickets to the opera and some cheese tasting festivals. Sorry, but Pokemon really is for babies.

So, as much as it pains me, here's a preview of some of the stuff I'm auctioning off. Click under the cut for more information if you are interested!

. . .


DUH!!! :D

Yeah yeah yeah... super obvious, but I never was good at this! Pokemon collecting is freaking amazing and makes me smile everyday, and this community and looking at you guys' posts makes me grin ear to ear anytime I'm feeling down. I love the thrill of the hunt, the pride and joy of winning, I love bringing home toys from the store to send to you guys, I love seeing how much they make you happy, I love catalouging and organizing my little guys and sharing them and showing them off, and I absolutely adore the company of each and every one of YOU! You guys rock the world, you're the best community in the entire universe and I love you.

For the record, the things I wrote above the cut is what I truely think to be an pretty close-minded way of thinking :( But sadly I have heard that stuff all said. I think it is really a shame some people miss out on having fun because what they love isn't something everybody does, but is something unique and special, but they are ashamed. This is OUR hobby - we have members here from ages 10 to 50 years old - please enjoy it as long as you are able, you can learn money management, budgeting, room decorating :D, organization skills, self restraint, plus humility and maturity after a loss, plus so much more! :O Yeah you might not know that stuff coming in ;) but you can know it by the time you move on! But don't move on, we'd miss you :( Ok?

If you love to collect these little dudes and it brings you smiles MORE POWER TO YOU, there is so much to learn and enjoy with this hobby and even if you are only here for a very short amount of time, I hope you can make friends and memories to last forever. If you stay with us for years and years then AWESOME!! If you collect very intensely or just as a little side hobby, doesn't matter - you completely rock!

To beg forgiveness I offer scans from something I've been side-collecting... "Find the Pokemon" books! I took photos of the entire contents of my newest book, which is Platinum version! Enjoy, and if you see anything you want to use for an icon go right ahead! I love these books so much XD

in closing, my favourite scan from a different book, the diamond/pearl edition XD if you liked these pages i will post that one too on a later date!

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