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Mellow Candy's Sales post

Updated September 26, 2015 GMT+8

Welcome to my permanent sales post!
Feel free to bookmark this page as I will update from time to time.
Post is CTRL+F friendly!


♥ Prices quoted are in USD. I accept PayPal ONLY for international orders; bank transfers for Malaysian buyers.
♥ I ship from Malaysia. Please include your country upon order!
♥ Price table for shipping to non-ASEAN countries, e.g: US, UK, Australia/NZ
There is no need to include zipcodes, as they do not affect shipping quotes.

Envelope XS - $2.40 (suitable for small items such as figure straps, stamps, figures etc)
Envelope S - $4.70 (suitable for most Pokedolls or regular-sized plush)
Envelope M - $8.65
Box L - $14.95
Box XL - $23.30

Tracking is additional $1.20.
Due to the excessive cost of EMS shipping, I am unable to offer EMS UNLESS you are willing to pay for the shipping cost!
Our shipping prices may seems cheap, but please be reminded that shipping from Malaysia to the North America, South America, European countries or Australia & NZ may vary between 1-4 weeks. I have absolutely no control over delivery times once they are posted. All I ask is your patience and understanding.

♥ Prices do NOT include shipping unless stated otherwise.

The first who committed to buy the item will get the priority to purchase. Please be clear whether you are asking for a quote or firm intention to buy.
♥ Haggling to a certain amount is allowed.
♥ Trades/Partial trades: None at this moment, sorry.

♥ I have sales permission from denkimouse on March 25, 2010
♥ Items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home.
♥ My feedback is here. Please leave me feedback after you have received your item and I will give you one in return too! :)

Gotemba Pokemon Store exclusive plush!
Normal size, MWT x1 - $25 each
Mascot size, MWT SOLD!

Raichu Pokedoll, hang tag detached - $75
Magikarp Pokedoll, minky, hang tag detached - $90
Fletchling Pokedoll, minky, JPN ver., hang tag detached - $15

Pikazard, hang tag detached - $30
Red Gyarados Pikachu, MWT - $40
Lapras Secret Base, MWT - $20
Clefairy Secret Base, hang tag detached - $20
Ditto Secret Base, hang tag detached - $20
Pikachu Secret Base, hang tag detached - $20

Milotic, like new - $15
Wailord, like new - $15
Jolteon, like new - $15
Ekans Pikachu mascot, MIP - $15
Inkay SOLD!

Pokemon Petit backpack, like new (I think S size) - $85 shipped

Ichiban Kuji goods.
Ekans Pikachu towel (x1) - $10
Eevee Pikachu socks (x1 pair) - $10

Pokemon Cafe limited goods! All MIP.
Notebook/Memo pad (x3 available) - $8 each
Clearfile (x4 available) - $7 each
Handkerchief (x2 available) - $15 each

Pikachu tissue cover, lightly used. Best fit for shorter tissue boxes. - $15
Used iPhone 4s cases, back in package. Can remove package if requested - $15
(Only Stunfisk design is available)

Tins, all in pretty good condition save for the Shaymin tin where rust damage is more visible (if you take a closer look to the tin)
Onemuri Pikachu tin - $50
Shaymin tin - $15
Pikachu Pokedoll tin - $70
Motif tin

All $2 each, except Eeveelutions which are $7 each.

Jolteon Pokedoll figure, MIP - $15
All Retsuden stamps $2 each EXCEPT Entei ($5), Lugia ($15), Natu ($15)

Megabloks - $0.50 each
Ampharos Petit mascot strap, MIP - $10
All Dex charms - $5 per charm
Pokemon with You badges (all MIP) - $5 each

Picture books - $10 each

Thanks for looking! ♥ ^_^
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