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Sales Post!

Just as a note, there may be some shipping delays. I've just moved to another state, but I know where the post office is.

I'll be requesting that the in-case figures be shipped to me this week. As soon as I receive them from SMJ, I will post an update.

I apologize for not getting back to some of you about your sales - these past three weeks have been very hectic to me, and rest assured that I WILL get back to you.

EDIT: - Added one more image of small figures! Forgot to put it in the first time!

Thinning out my collection some.


Some things are for auction, and some you can buy out-right. ^_^


Not pictured in the preview, but I'm selling a pink eevee hoodie from the pokemon centre website. The photos don't do the colour justice (it's quite pink!), and has only been worn once by me a few years ago.


Zukan Auctions - Auctions end Thursday night at 10PM CST.

Torterra - Starts at $12
Metagross - Starts at $15
Buizel - Starts at $12 - N/A
Luxray - N/A
Lati** - eifia HB - $25


Shiny/Clear Kids Auctions - Auctions end at Thursday night at 10PM CST.

Absol - olesvensen HB - $10
Dustox - Starts at $8
Charmander - taycs HB - $10
Clear Suicune - Sui_kune at $15
Clear Eevee - shadowsoflove HB - $8


Custom Shiny Kids Auctions - Auctions end at Thursday night at 10PM CST.

Gardevoir - Starts at $6
Aron - Starts at $5
Umbreon - Starts at $10


Large Eevee - $12/OBO
Kyogre Bank - $15/OBO - N/A
Large Musical Vaporeon Keychain/Figure - $12/OR BEST OFFER


Kids Figures

Large Torterra - $7, all others $6 each (Kyogre and Suicune have a few paint rubs, but nothing too bad.)


More Kids Figures

Large Wailord - has a few marks on him - $6, all others $4 each.


Ladies Medium Pink Eevee Hoodie from the Pokemon Centre

The picture doesn't really do the hoodie justice - it is QUITE pink and has no signs of wear or discolouration. I only wore it once, since I don't like the colour, but I like eevee. ^_^; I'm around 36" across the chest, so it should fit anything around that - BEST OFFER.


Battle Museum Figures, Pencil Toppers, Pokedex Figres, Gashapon, Etc

Lucario Zukan - $6
Mystery Dungeon Kangaskhan/Totodile/Treeko Gashapon - $6
Ampharos Gashapon - $5
Sneasel, Jirachi, Vaporeon and Jolteon TOMY Figures - $5 each
Lucario Pencil Topper - $4
Sneasel and Torkoal Pencil Toppers - $2.50 Each
Vulpix Keychain - $6
Kyogre and Linoone Pokedex Figures - $2.50 Each
Ampharos, Dragonite, Dragonair and Quagsire Battle Museum Figures - $3 Each
Misc. Zukan Pieces - $2 for all (Weavilex2, Mew, Lopbunny, Buneary.)

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