Bunzy ♥ (aftertheheaven) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Bunzy ♥

In the past 2 months, I've caught 'em all :D

So I decided to show you with crappily taken cellphone pictures! Rock on! Maybe one day I will get a digital camera 8,,,,dDD<,DD

My shelf that holds my collection:

Funny thing is, I could've sworn this thing was pretty empty around the beginning of November...huh. 8,D

On the top shelf, we have: (left to right) Bupig kids which didn't make it into the picture (but I assure you he's amazing 8,D) Latias kids, Empoleon Chou getto, Vaporeon re-released TOMY Monster collection, Uxie chou getto, Pikachu Mystery dungeon figure, Luxio chou getto omg gsdkal;fs <333, tiny tiny Buizel capsule figure, Zigzagoon TOMY Monster collection figure and Ziggy/Massuguma zukan <3 (towards the back) Kadabra collection (also towards the back), Manaphy collection, Spinda collection, Rentoraa and Luxio kids, Banebu and Kadabra blocks, and Pachirisu figures.

If you squint you can ALMOST SEE THEM! 8,D

Updated Pocchama collection. Small but still good. Yeah. Still good. Ignore random crap in the background.

From left to right: Banebu and Bupig zukan <33333 (which admittedly has nothing to do with Pocchama 8,D) Mystery dungeon figure, big squishy keychain figure, pez dispenser, Mystery Dungeon keychain hanging off of the pez dispenser which you can't see, clipping figure, KIDS FINALLY OMG <333, TOMY Monster Collection figure, Jakks figure.

To the left is a Pocchama and Mimirol special figure that was only available on a Pokemon Christmas cake. It somehow did not get into the picture. Will be photowhored later.

And finally, this little guy was a present from funkicarus and the newest addition to my collection. CUTEST PACHIRISU EVER! He was just released at the end of December. I named him Tiny Sleepz. ♥

He also, because Soshi is a whore who likes to spoil me 8,D came with a Pocchama of equal cuteness who will be photographed at a later date. ♥ Soshi.

EDIT: GIN GAVE ME MOST OF THE THINGS MENTIONED ABOVE <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 there are you happy now no tosses teh Sannimaru ;-;
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