Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

okay! stuff!
all sunyshore orders go out first thing tomorrow! yaaaay for the end of new years!!! @_@

after packing everything it turned out i had not one, not two, but THREE extra Luxray plush. i have put one on ebay and one was sold privately to a community member who made me most sad to watch them fail to get luxray each time i updated with it.

the ebay one i doubt will stay very cheap (the first luxray on ebay was one of mine and it sold for an incredible 93.00.... whut). so, i have this last luxray. i want to offer it to the community. but it's only one luxray. should i offer it as a prize? should i take offers from you guys? i expect many of you are still looking for luxy, as there have not been many on Y!J and they got expensive as well. so what do i do with it? ;_;

i also have a gigantic venusaur and pikachu on ebay! they are very expensive and very rare plushies, so i hope someone can give them a loving home, despite their shipping costs.

speaking of gigantic venusaur... he wants to show you something!

it is a special pokemon DVD gin wanted from the moment she heard it was coming out! but why?

yes - it is a collection of EVERY SINGLE OPENING AND ENDING THEME TO POKEMON, EVER, ON ONE DVD, WITH SPECIAL FEATURES. holy. crap. i basically hopped around the room screaming when i saw the commercial for this. and now i own it! i am waiting to watch it for when my pokelakkies aftertheheaven and gogoicarus are over, but if they dont come over soon i'm just gonna have a private masturbatory session with it.

now, how to get all of sunyshore's holiday backup to the post office, with no car? i guess we'll see tomorrow.
Tags: luxray, plush, sunyshore, venusaur
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