Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

well, we had a pokoday today.

i finally got a shot of my kiraras_lemon backpack ON me! :D i won't pretend it hasnt gotten a TON of attention. today we went to a cute little town inside of a building, called namja town (they have gyouza stadium, ice cream city, and a haunted ghost city, etc). in ice cream city's arcade we went to see if they had rentorah and arcanine plush AND THEY DID! but they were nearly impossible to win due to the machine being a very retarded money sucking machine. anyway.

the announcer people took notice of rentybackpack and started yelling into the microphone "YES POKEMON IS GREAT.....RENTORAH, SHE IS AN ELECTRIC TYPE POKEMON....AH, THIS GIRL WANTS RENTORAH..." i tried and got one rentorah out of the machine and about 4 costumed staff ran over banging things and ringing bells and screaming "YOU GOT RENTORAH!! RENTORAH GETTO DAZE!!!"

holy crap it was embarassing. they also made the UFO catcher i got out kiss the backpack. god they were so adorable D:

so here i am in my boy's ugly jacket outside of the pokemon center :D items inside of rentorah: a rattata bag full of a pikachu blanket/pillow/plush thing and some chougetto.

you can see the lifesize charmander/pikachu statues (you cant see pocchama), they are signed by ken sugimori and company :D the palkia is about the size of... a horse i guess. there is a matching dialga blocked by the door. ah well :D i think the sign talks about how right now they are giving away milotic if you access wifi inside the poke center... next week they start a new pokemon :D exciting!

Tags: custom, luxray, plush
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