Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Possible Japan trip?

Hey guys!

I'm planning on going back to Japan this year again. But I was wondering - Would anyone be interested in going with me or meeting up at Japan itself?
I'm sure some of you have the money to go, but just don't have anyone who will travel with you. We could book the same flight, same hotel, etc. or for those outside the UK, meet up at the airport.
We're flexible with dates. Whilst we're over there, we could visit the Pokemon Center, meet up with Gin while we're at it, and visit some other areas of the country too (I myself really want to visit the Square Enix Showroom this time for example).

If anyone's interested, let me know. We can sort out dates and everything.

And, to tempt people and show them what they could buy make this post interesting for people who aren't even in the slightest interested in going to Japan (?!?!), here's an upcoming plushie release from Tomy.
Tags: info, plush
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