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IDK my BFF Jill?

New rule, maybe. Or just a suggestion?

On average, this community gets over 12 posts a day. Which is absolutely wonderful, because in the beginning we could just about get one, but at the same time, a good chunk of these posts are short and made for the sole purpose of contacting other members ("hey, so-and-so, I received my package!" "you, you and you, I sent your things today!"). I am not pointing any fingers, because, hell, I'm super guilty of this as well. I just made an entry a few post down contacting a mere two people. Whether or not this makes my a hypocrite, I don't care, but I think it needs to be cut down.

So, my suggestion and possible rule (with conformation/feedback from the mods and members):

Need to contact someone? Ever hear of e-mail?:
Yes, it may be annoying to search through everyone's e-mails. Some people may not even have their e-mails listed (note to self: create that damn contact post that you were going to make years ago D:), but if you can find it, e-mail them! If not e-mail, then use LJ's handy messaging system.

Do not make "contacting posts", UNLESS you are trying to get a hold of more than 8 people:
Yes, I mentioned e-mail and LJ messaging. There's instant messaging and commenting as well, but contacting many people at once is a pain in the ass, I know. If you have a lot of people to say something to at once, you can put it here. One person? No. Two people? No. And so on. Wait until you have received ALL of the things you ordered and then let everyone know that you have received your items.

Try to make your "contacting post" relevant to collecting/selling:
You can contact people and make it relevant to the community all in one post! Kill two birds with one stone. You can add it to the top of your sales post or post a picture of your collection along with it. As long as you don't Google an image of a Pikachu plush that everyone has seen, post it and say, "CUTE PIKACHU LOL oh btw i got ur package". Or, if you received something, take a picture of it. This way you can let the seller know you have received the item AND show off a new piece of your collection at the same time.

Slightly irrelevant, but still relevant:
This is a SPECIFIC Pokemon community. Please do not cross-post entries here that belong in general Pokemon communities, unless it has to do with Pokemon collecting (of course). I haven't noticed this a lot, but I have noticed it.

Also, please do not make more than TWO posts in one day. Please, please, PLEASE. Edit your original post or say everything you want to say in one entry. Once again, not maybe people do it, but some people still do. Just.. don't. XD

Sorry for the ranting and I apologize if I came off as an asshole to anybody. I'm not mad at anyone. Like I said, I am guilty of a lot of this as well.

Thanks everyone!

- Sam

(Edit: What do you guys think of a layout contest for the community? :D I have no idea what to offer as a prize, any ideas?)
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