Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

Cheaper Jakks Raichu? :O

Well, at Target today I STILL haven't seen the new plushies.


Jakks has a new line of toy sets out that is basically just a multipack of what they've released as singles in the past.
It's two figures and a "base" thing that you can hook to other bases and launch the toys at eachother.

One set is a Pikachu and RAICHU <3
Stupidly, I didn't pick it up, but I should go back and try to get one.
It's $10 per pack (from what I could find) and it's much cheaper to get the Raichu now than it was before.

Just a heads up for any Raichu collectors out there. There's still hope to not have to pay what... $30? for one figure ^^
Tags: figures, info, pikachu, raichu
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