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Your stationery, let you show me it!

I'm planning for uni this year, which starts back in a month and a half, and I've decided that I want to become known as "that crazy girl, you know, the Pokémon one?". (Which is why I've been buying up keychains like whoa, my bag's gonna be pimpin'! And I have two wallets to choose from, though I do want more~) So~ I need Pokémon stuff!

Specifically, I'm after
- pens & pencils
- erasers
- a pencilcase and/or pencil tin (I prefer pencil tins, but ones of a decent size, since I stuff them with... stuff)
- rulers
- notebooks
- stickers (probably sheets, they'd be cheaper)
- any other stationery you may be able to think of :3 (notepaper is pretty much taken care of, but I'll consider it if it's cheap XD)

and preferably things that aren't expensive, I have some money at the moment but my budget isn't unlimited! XD; Oh, and I live in Australia, so shipping is to there. I'd say I want to keep all my buying down below $30 total including shipping.

Multiples are welcome, if I only buy one of things I won't want to use them :x

Also, I'll be away January 6-20, so it'll be hard to get in contact with me then - if there's anything urgent, get in touch with nervous_neuron or darkyo and force 'em to SMS me or something. XD; (And obviously I won't reply to comments made in that time until I get back)
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