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I've only posted once on pkmncollectors so far, but it's already become known by those who have seen it that I'm a total playset nerd. I promised to post detailed pictures of all my playsets, but I'm going a step further. I've decided, instead, to create a detailed photographic encyclopedia of pokemon playsets (or at least the ones I own).

Unfortunately, my collection has lost a couple of it's finest members over the years, due to my moving country twice, since owning them. Thanks to the kindness of hitosyura , however, I already have one of them (my favourite) replaced; I'm still seeking the second one. I can't stress it enough, if you have one of the playsets I'm seeking, and are willing to sell it, leave a comment or PM me so we can organise a deal. That also goes for any playsets I'm missing from my collection. I'm determined, one day, to have a complete collection of PokeHouse (Pokemon House in English) and PokeHouse Chibi World playsets.

We now return you to your reguarly-scheduled programming.

(You'll have to forgive the black specks on many of the photos (I need to get my camera seen to), and my incredibly childish hands, which make me look about 6 years younger than I really am)

Pokemon House Deluxe Type A (I think) - Shamouti Island:

This one has already gathered a fair amount of attention from my other post.

This was my first ever Pokemon playset, bought when I was 11 years old.

As far as the Deluxe Pokehouses go, this is actually one of the smaller ones. To my recollection, the only one smaller than this one is the blue crystal playset, featuring the world from the third Pokemon movie. Nevertheless, is it beautifully detailed (if not size-accurate, lol). It came with Lugia, Slowking, the Shrine, and three orbs (the lighthouse and palm I removed for safekeeping), and I'm so proud of myself because I have not lost a single thing from this playset! It also came with a playmat (which I did manage to lose, unfortunately), that had a picture of the iced-over sea with several whirlpools.

The main feature is, without a doubt, the shrine on the back of the playset.

As you can see, the top comes off, revealing the three spheres. They are all detachable and...

...they flash red when one of the pillars is pressed.

There is also a waterspout for Lugia to ride on, which rises slowly if pressed down.

And the lighthouse spins when a rock is turned.

Pokemon House Deluxe Type B (I think) - Crystal World:

This is the smallest of the deluxe playsets, but without a doubt, the most beautiful. It's painted so that the crystal fades from purple to blue to pinky white, and it just sparkles in the right light.

The tree can be turned, causing Mantine to pop up.

The most prominent and memorable feature: the sparkly Unown wheel.

There's a knob in the back that can be turned, causing the wheel to spin. You could probably hypnotise someone with it XD

There is also a knob either side of the wheel, which can be pressed down. If a Pokemon is placed on the platform, it flies off...

...see what I mean?

It also causes the playset to flash red lights.

Some extra details.

The Type B comes with figures of Charizard, Entei, Phanpy, Teddiursa, and Pikachu. Like the Type A, it also comes with a playmat with a picture of the crystal mansion, surrounded by a field of red and yellow flowers.

Pokemon House Deluxe Type C - Pokemon Centre:

It may not be the tallest of them (that would be the Type E or F), but it's certainly the widest of the deluxe playsets; the box for it was HUGE. This one I bought second-hand from eBay, and it's actually in excellent condition; the only things missing were a Nurse Chansey figure (which I was willing to live without) and the playmat, which, I believe, was a map of the Kanto region. This playset was actually remade, redecorated, and re-sold during the Advanced Generation Line. The only real differences were the sticker on the inside of the Pokemon Centre (the tablet with legendary Pokemon in this one and a picture of various Pokemon in the remake), the playmat (the remake had a picture of an island in a sort of GBA style), and the figures it came with (the new one has Pikachu, Treecko, Mudkip, Torchic, and Goldeen). I'm going to look for pictures of the remake.

The Pokemon Centre and PokeMart both open up. The Pokemon Centre has a lovely picture of the legendary Pokemon Tablet Ash sees on one of his adventures, a reception desk, and an operating room/rest area. The PokeMart is a 3 level department store (possibly modelled on the one in Celadon?), with a desk, various goods, and some vending machines at the top. There are also some tables for the top level.

This playset has a TON of features.

Pressing down on a part of the reception desk reveals a picture of Professor Oak on the PC.

The doors to the operating room open up. It also comes with a stretcher to wheel sick Pokemon to surgery.

The swing moves back and forth, and has room for a figure to be placed inside (I was just stupid and forgot to take a picture of that). It also moves a small ledge, for the included Farfetch'd figure, back and forth.

A lever moves the boat along the river...

...causing Diglett to pop up, one by one...

...the bridge to raise...

...and Magikarp to jump out of the water.

Finally, the bed in the rest area opens, allowing a Pokemon figure to be placed inside.

The playset comes with figures of Jigglypuff, Farfetch'd, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Nurse Chansey (missing), as well as two tables, a stretcher, and a playmat.

Pokemon House Deluxe Type D - Tree:

My all-time favourite playset, and, unfortunately, the other playset lost in the move. I waited 5 years, searching all over the internet for it, and within two hours of posting on pkmncollectors for the first time, the amazinghitosyura  found me exactly what I was looking for on Y!Japan Auctions! After a month's wait (and a rather terrifying landing in Denver), I finally get to see it, and OH MY WORD, it is AMAZING! Just as I remembered! You'll have to forgive the change in backdrop from my other photos, however; this playset was photographed in a family member's house, while on vacation in the United States.

It's spectacularly colourful and vibrant, and, like the Type C, has a plethora of fun features.

-The two sides of the tree can open or close

-The knob on the side of the left rock face moves Gyarados up the waterfall. This, in turn, causes a plastic plate with a picture of a swarm of Ledyba to rise up, and knock any Pokemon figure placed near it down the rock slide, and into the Exeggcute nest.

-The leaf at the bottom of the right rock face moves aside, revealing a little hole for Pokemon to hide in.

-The leaf on the ground just left of it bounces a Pokemon figure on it, like a spring, when the little protrusion right of it is pressed.

-The clover below that can be turned, moving a part of the river, like a treadmill.

-The rock sticking out of the water, right of Gyarados can be pressed down, revealing another hole in the grass.

-The waterspout in the tree trunk can be raised like a lift. The Chibi Lugia figure hitosyura  gave me is modeling, since I didn't bring any of the original figures with me.

-There are two balcony-like "watchposts" on the two sides of the tree, for a Pokemon to sit in.

Like my old Type B, I still have my figures, kept safe in this Gashapon capsule. It came with Bellossom, Elekid, Marrill, Togepi, Pikachu, Ledyba, and a single Exeggcute. It also came with a bridge to connect it to other playsets.

There is also a   playmat  with a rather sweet portrayal of the world from the second Pikachu Mini Movie.

This playset has been remade and rereleased in the AG line; it was marketed as a secret base, and even had stickers of the Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip posters from RSE. The only major differences were the paint job (the remake is less vibrant, the nest is now green, and the waterspout  in the tree trunk is now a brown lift), the inclusion of accessories for the secret base (a TV, chair, and table; three of the four tree stumps from the top level are removed, and the remaining one is used as a second chair), and the Pokemon (Gyarados is replaced with Milotic, Exeggcute is now gone, and the figures included are Pikachu, Meowth, Marshtomp, Spheal, Mew, and Munchlax)

Pokemon House Deluxe Type E - Pokemon Town from the third Pokemon Mini Movie:

This playset is unique in that, unlike the other playsets, it can be folded away, allowing for some degree of portability. It has a clocktower, a building, a slide, and a flat area with a road design, a grassy lot, and a ladder. The building has a working lift, and and two levels that can open up: a garage, and the banquet room where Ash presented Pikachu with a cake celebrating their first year together.

The decal on the front of the playset. The version released in the Western World, via Pokemon Centre had a similar decal in English.

A Pokemon can sit on top of the pink platform.

The bottom level features a garage. The red handle raises the platform, which can allow the bus to roll off.

The Hitmontop figure the set comes with has a small knob on top of its "horn"...

...which fits into this hole, allowing Hitmontop to spin upside down.

The small grey rock next to Hitmontop can be turned, which spins Hitmontop...

...and moves the insides of the pipes, allowing Hoppip to rise and fall.

The window-washing platform. It doesn't move, but Meowth can be placed in it.

The clocktower has a removeable roof, and moveable hands on the clock face.

Pichu can be placed inside (the Pichu figures are best suited for this feature).

The weather vane can be turned...

...causing the floor to drop out from underneath Pichu.

Pichu then lands on the blue slide...

...and slides down.

The most notable feature of the Type E is the moveable elevator.

There is a wheel on the back, which can be turned...

...which causes the elevator to rise.

The second and third floors have small entryways from the elevator.

The elevator can be detached from the main playset...or at least mine can.

Some extra details.

The Type E comes with figures of Hoppip, Furret, Igglybuff, the two Pichu brothers, Pikachu, Hitmontop, and Meowth dressed as a window-washer, as well as a slide, a pink platform with ladder andstand, a tyre, a banquet table, and a cake. The bus has an open top and room for figures to ride on it, and Pichu can hide in the tyre.

Other Pokemon House Deluxe Playsets:

Pokemon House Deluxe - Hide-and-Seek Mansion

The mansion and maze from (I believe) the fourth Pikachu mini-movie. I found this, rather by surprise on eBay. Unfortunately, there was a bidding war, and I ended up auctioning off my small intestine and a kidney for funds, but it was so worth it. This playset is SO adorable, and very vibrant, and, as you might have noticed by now, I have thing for vibrancy. Similar to the Type E, this one can open and close, providing storage for the figures and accessories it comes with, and allowing for some degree of portability.

The playset's most notable feature is the front of the mansion, which opens, revealing a whole other area of the playset.

Turning this pink protrusion raises Wailmer's waterspout, which sends Togepi flying.

There is a small hole for Larvitar to hide in.

The yellow indentation in the floor can be pressed...

...which moves aside a small wardrobe...

...revealing Granbull's hiding place.

The "fire" in the fireplace also goes down, allowing a Pokemon to hide behind the flames.

Sandshrew can hide in the indentation in the aqueduct, thus camouflaging itself.

Turning this rock makes Oddish pop out of the ground, and Sunflora hide in the flowers.

The ramp can be lifted with the green lever.

This allows Donphan (in Rollout form) to slide down...

...and into the garden.

The shrubs can be opened, revealing another hiding spot.

Azurill hides in this bowl.

A few extra, hidden details.

This set comes with figures of Azurill, Larvitar, Togepi, Cyndaquil, Rollout Donphan, Pikachu, Sanshrew, and Kecleon, as well as a bridge, a tyre (although I believe this is actually from a Type E), a fountain, a bowl, a purple hydrant statue, a tree, Wailmer's waterspout, and a wind-up lawnmower.

The lawnmower can be wound up and, when released, rolls around and spins.

The playmat features a maze design, like that from the fourth mini movie. I presume the tree that the set comes with can be placed in the middle.

Pokemon House Deluxe - Ilex Forest

As far as I'm aware, this is the last of the original Deluxe ChibiPokeHouses (save for the Campfire one). It's also one of the smallest, on par with the Type B. This set is unique in that it is magnetic. Three of the figures have internal magnets and attach to the blue pole, and the lake in the centre (which has two magnetic areas).

The lever on the side of the left rock can be moved down, evolving Metapod into Butterfree.

The lever on the side of the right rock launches Tyranitar off the platform.

The two blue rectangles in the lake are magnetic areas.

Suicune, Pikachu, and Celebi all have built-in magnets. They can attach to the magnetic areas of the lake, and the blue pole.

Turning this wheel spins the lake...

...spins Celebi around the treetops...

...makes Teddiursa and Ursaring pop out...

...and spins the background between the trees. There are three scenes featuring Butterfree, the wood demon, and a group of Celebi.

A few extra details.

This set comes with figures of Scizor, Tyranitar, Pikachu, Suicune, and Celebi (the latter 3 are magnetic), as well as a pink bridge and a blue magnetic pole. It also comes with a playmat featuring several Pokemon in front of a forest scene.

Pokemon House Deluxe - Campfire Train

-The town and trainline from the campfire mini movie. It looks about the size of the Type C. It has a little railway, some green mountains in the background, a campfire, and a house with a waterwheel. Again, the features are unclear; however there seems to be some sort of waterfall treadmill (operating in a similar fashion to the river treadmill in the Type F), and I would guess that the campfire lights up, the train travels along the tracks, and the waterwheel turns. There is also no listing for the figures, but, from the packaging, I would guess at least two Pichus, Pikachu, and Togepi.

Pokemon House Chibi World Playsets:

I'm proud to say that my collection of these is complete! I know these also had "types;" however there are so many of them, I couldn't even begin to remember which is which, so I'm just going to refer to them by what they contain.

Sadly, I have no better place to keep them at this time...

Island Playsets

Aw man, I freaking ADORE these!

These are definitely up there as favourites, with the Type F Deluxe playset. I spent almost as long on looking at Fire and  Lightning Islands, as I did looking at the Type F. At the time, I never found an Ice Island, leading me to believe that they never made one. The first time I even saw a picture of Ice Island was on the box of another Chibi World Playset; I thought it was definitely the most beautiful of them. Literally, within  two days of seeing it, I ran into it on eBay on a completely unrelated search, and grabbed it! Pictures do not do it justice; it's almost as beautiful as the Type B.

The most awesome thing, however... THIS!...

...and THIS!!! 8DDD

After 7 years, I FINALLY learned what those weird holes all over the Shamouti Island playset were for. You can stick the birds in them and recreate that epic scene from the movie. It makes the Type A THAT much more awesome!

Fire Island - Moltres:

This was the first of the island playsets I ever saw, and I thought it was about the coolest thing ever. I never thought I would actually ever own it, though 8D. It comes with Moltres, a waterspout, a bridge, a shrine, and a red orb.

The volcano can open up...

...and Moltres can be placed inside. There's also a small lever that will push Moltres inside the volcano.

The waves (or shark fins...hard to tell) can also be moved.

Close-up of the shrine.

Ice Island - Articuno:

Again, I can't stress how utterly beautiful this little playset is. This one comes with Articuno, a waterspout, a bridge, a shrine, a sphere, and the top part of the Ice Island mountain. Unfortunately, it's that part, in particular, that makes this playset such an absolute PAIN to close up.

The frozen sea can split apart, revealing several water Pokemon underneath.

The underside of the mountain can be pushed in, and pressing the tree to the left of the mountain releases it...

...which launches Articuno.

The Ice Island shrine.

Lightning Island - Zapdos:

This is another that takes me back to the days of Lightning Island comes with Zapdos, a waterspout, a shrine, a sphere, a bridge, and a wave (or sharkfin 8D).

The inside of the caldera is hollow. Zapdos can be hidden inside, or it makes a good place to store everything when the playset is closed...unfortunately, I have the tendancy to open the playset with the caldera upsidedown, thus dumping everything all over the floor,

The wheel in the water spins Zapdos around, with the wave/shark fin as a handle; HOWEVER, this playset is special. See those two extra holes?...

Pure. Epic. Win.

Finally, the shrine.

Part 2:

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