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Playset Lexicon Part 2

Continuing from part 1 earlier. Sorry I couldn't keep going, but I had worked through the night and was dying x__x

In part 1, I detailed the large Deluxe Playsets, and a few of the more special Chibi World playsets. Now in part 2, I'll detail the rest of my Chibi Worlds and (hopefully) will get to Happy Worlds. When all this is finished, I'm hoping to get it all in one post, rather than separating it into parts.

Here's part 1:

Now, on with the show!

Orange Island PokePark - Vileplume and Lapras

I'm ashamed to say, I don't know which Island this is based off of, so if anyone has any idea, let me know and I'll give you credit for it.

This, along with the Pinkan Island set, was the first Chibi World playset I ever got. They came together in pefect condition and complete, from an eBay auction I won for about £2. This one comes with Lapras, Vileplume (mine's crippled, I'm afraid; he's missing an arm), two palm trees, a bridge, and a roof for the Pokemon Centre.

Needless said, the roof comes off, revealing what looks like either the healing machine from all centres, or a trading machine.

The red lever that holds up the roof, can be pushed down, lowering the machine.

The gates to the PokePark open

Turning the pink sign moves Lapras across the water.

Pinkan Island/Gym - Psyduck and Pink Rhyhorn

This came with my Orange Island set, again, in perfect condition (minus a little bit of dirt, after being in the hands of children), and complete. It comes with Psyduck, a Pinkan-berry addicted Rhyhorn, two berry trees, and a bridge.

The gym floor converts to a swimming pool.

The berry bush in the back has a single (rather large berry) that activates a launcher, sending Rhypink flying.

Playground - Pikachu and Togepi

It was a real hassle to get this one. The seller accidentally sent me the wrong item; however it was sorted out in the end, and I got my playset AND scored a second item, for almost nothing. This one has the playground from the First Mini Movie; to my knowledge, it's the only world featured in a movie to be recreated as a Chibi World playset. All the other movie locations were made into Deluxe Playsets. This particular playset was remade into a Gen II playset, with new colours and new figures (Pikachu and Pichu). This one comes with Pikachu, Togepi, and a bridge.

There are foldable wooden "monkey bars" in the middle.

Togepi (or Pikachu) can go down the slide (unfortunately, mine's a little bit loose, so it detaches quite easily).

The tyres have a launcher hidden inside them. It's actually quite powerful, especially on the remake. I once sent one of my figures a good three or four feet 8D

Mt. Moon - Clefairy and Diglett

I have no idea why, but I have a real affinity for this one. It was one of the playsets I was most excited about receiving, and you'll see why.It's beautifully decorated, colourful, and the back half is dotted with little sparkly blue specks, and the blue moonstone is made with blue, sparkly plastic. This one comes with Diglett, Clefairy, two halves of an arch, a moonstone, a top for the mound, and a bridge. To be honest, I don't know why this one wasn't made with a folding arch, like all the other ones, but who cares? It's still a favourite of mine.

The arch sticks into two small indents, and is coloured to match the different sides of the playset..

Diglett fits in the small hole, and can be pushed down.

The mound can be removed, revealing Clefairy and her moonstone.

Turning the rock next to the mound spins Clefairy around the moonstone.

Close up of the moonstone (sorry about the black specks on my camera)

Waterpark - Squirtle and Poliwhirl

Ahh, I love this one! Especially because Squirtle is my all-time favourite Pokemon, and I collect ANYTHING with turtles. This was another one that was remade into a Gen II playset. Like the Playground, it had new colours and new Pokemon (Pikachu and Totodile). This one comes with Squirtle, Poliwhirl, and a bridge.

The middle island has an indentation for Squirtle or Poliwhirl to ride on, and can be spun around by turning a nearby palm tree (it was obviously made for smaller hands, as I kept knocking Squirtle off).

The rock lifts off, revealing some seashells underneath.

And the waterwheel turns.

Viridian Forest - Pikachu and Oddish

This is the one I see and hear about most. One of my best friends in Israel had this, and, technically, it was the first time I ever laid eyes or hands on the Chibi World playsets. This was remade into a Gen II playset with new colours and new Pokemon (Pikachu and Chikorita); incidentally, the remake is the only playset I'm missing. This one comes with Pikachu, Oddish, and a bridge.

A Pokemon can be placed on the stump, and spun around by turning a nearby shrub.

Pikachu can swing in the hammock.

And there's a little hole or den for Oddish to hide in.

Pokemon Centre - Charmander and Eevee

For some reason, this one stood out for me, all those years ago on It comes with Eevee, Charmander, a bridge, a tray for pokeballs, and, like the Mt. Moon set, a detachable arch.

In the mini playground, there's a see-saw for Charmander and Eevee to ride on.

Charmander can hide in the nearby house (from Eevee?)

The tray can be attached to the healing machine.

Don'tcha just love attention to detail? 8D

(The IMPOSSIBLY hard to close) Safari Zone - Chansey and Snorlax

I'm not kidding...this thing is SERIOUSLY hard to close. The first time I tried it, I, literally, spent a half an hour rearranging everything. The problem is the roof of the reception hall; it won't cose if the roof is attached, so I have to rearrange everything just make way for the darn thing. Consider this a warning to anyone who buys it. Other than the roof, it comes with Snorlax, Chansey, and a bridge

Snorlax and Chansey can be displayed in the mini-zoo (alongside a bewildered-looking'd look like that too if you'd spent as long as I did trying to close the set).

The gates to the Safari Zone can open.

Inside the reception building are some Safari Balls, ready to go, and a bunch of trophies in a cabinet.

And how it looks with the roof on.

At the end of the trail, there's a tree/nest for Chansey. Turning a nearby sign spins it.

A close-up of the Safari Zone path (anyone with Japanese skills care to translate the signs?).

Laboratory: Pikachu and Cyndaquil

As far as I know, this is a Gen II original. I don't recall nor have I ever seen a Gen I original. This one one comes with Pikachu, Cyndaquil, and a bridge.

Turning a sign by the pond spins the rock. Cyndaquil can balance pretty well on it.

Pressing the yellow lever "turns on" the machine.

Playground Remake: Pikachu and Pichu:

One of the Gen II remakes; the original playset came with Togepi and Pikachu. As you can see, it's been remade with newer, lighter, adn more vibrant colours and decorations. It's still the same playground from the first mini movie; however, it's not as obvious as the original playset. This one comes with Pikachu, Pichu, and a bridge.

The foldable monkey bars are still there.

As is the slide. This one is stuck on better than the original, and doesn't come off.

This launcher is even more powerful than the original...

...Pichu flew about 3 feet, over into my video games.

Waterpark Remake: Pikachu and Totodile

Another Gen II remake; the original had Squirtle and Poliwhirl. I love this one so much, it's beautiful, and so sweet and vibrant; it kind of makes me think of Rub-a-dub Pond Friend Area from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. This one comes with Pikachu, Totodile, and a bridge.

The middle island can still spin around, by turning the palm tree.

The seashells have now been painted in a silvery, sparkly paint.

The waterwheel still spins.

Viridian Forest Remake - Pikachu and Chikorita:

This was the final Chibi World in my collection. It's a remake of the original (and common) Viridian Forest with Pikachu and Oddish. The remake now has brighter colours (including some shiny paint (on the stump, hammock, and bridge), like the other two remakes), and a pond, instead of a dirt path, on the opposite side.

The stump still turns Pikachu around.

Pikachu can still rock in the hammock.

And there's still a den for Chikorita; this time with a pool!

"Happy World" Playsets

Let's face it, everyone has a bootleg or two in their collection, voluntarily or otherwise; it's virtually unavoidable in today's world. I, however, have an entire collection, nay, LINE of bootlegs. I found these on eBay while searching for playsets, and, despite their lack of resemblance to anything even close to Pokemon, I had to get them. Unfortunately, the entire package is in some Asian language, and the eBay page was pretty sketchy in details, so I don't know what or how to label them. The only thing consistent between auctions (and pages on Amazon Japan, believe it or not) was the term "Happy  World."

There are two waves (and I'm pretty certain I've mixed them up; there should probably only be one colour per wave). The playsets in each wave have the exact same accessories, but different Pokemon and different "paintjobs" (and by paintjob, I mean a sheet of stickers you apply yourself). These are...interesting. Not so much in what they contain (the accessories, with a fair amount of imagination, could be passed off as Pokemon), or the DIY stickers (most of which had long lost their stick and required a gluestick in order to be stuck...that was fun to write 8D), but rather in the pairing of Pokemon. You get two figures per set, the pair of which range from the typical (Plusle and Minun) to the downright bizarre (since when were Mewtwo and Skarmory sharing a room?).  The figures themselves are actually quite nice...

...well, most of them.

Each figure has a hole in one of their feet/lower appendages where one of these little connector-thingies is attached, so the figure can be stuck to the playset. The playsets all come with a bag of four, coloured either red, yellow, green, or lime.

The playsets, themselves, are basically empty lots with a mesh floor. Each item has a small knob on the end  so it can be stuck into the mesh. Effectively, the playsets are totally customiseable. There are four varieties: two different houses (one with a bedroom, the other with a sitting room), a flowershop, and a play area. Each playset also comes with a set of stairs,connecting the two halves. Everything fits snugly into one half of a playset, so closing these is actually no problem at all.

House w/ Sitting Room - Raichu and Latias:

Without a doubt the WEIRDEST pairing ever! Raichu and Latias?! I wonder where Latios got off to; he's not in any of the playsets...well, unless you don't count the picture of him on the stairs. No idea what happened with this one. As you probably saw from the previous picture, Latias is It comes with a bookcase, two "buffet tables," a wooden bench/sofa, drawers, plant, table, log desk, and stairs.

Flower Shop - Plusle and Minun

How to tell that what you have is a bootleg: Plusle and Minun have NOSES. A rather quaint recreation of the Hoenn flower shop. I'm loving that Wailmer pail 8D. This one comes with two pink flower pots, two pink flower bunches, a stump, a small fir tree, a white shelf, a log see-saw (you know how stressful these flower shops can get), a log desk, a Wailmer pail, a red flower, a check-out desk, and stairs.

House w/ Bedroom - Lugia and Groudon:

Another one of those odd pairings; Latios and Groudon would have been marginally more understandable. This one comes with stairs, a bookshelf, a plant, a bed, a log desk, a table, two chairs, and two "buffet tables."

Play Area - Pikachu and Munchlax:

I actually quite like this one. It's a rather fitting idea...if a little impractical. I mean, LOOK at the size of Pikachu next to the slide. I don't know how Munchlax is going to do it...

...awww, there's a little ball pit. 8D

This set includes stairs, a log desk, a slide, two rock corners, a log bench, a climbing wall, and plant.

House w/ Sitting Room - Pikachu and Charmander:

Because there just HAS to be at least one Pikachu per Pokemon ANYTHING, or else the whole Pokemon infrastructure falls apart. Like the Raichu and Latias set, this one comes with a bookcase, two "buffet tables," a wooden bench/sofa, drawers, plant, table, log desk, and stairs.

Play Area - Charizard and Eevee

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world's LARGEST Eevee (or the world's smallest Charizard). Ironically, I think that Charizard is the best suited of all the Play Area figures for going down that slide.

Like the Pikachu and Munclax set, this playset comes with stairs, a log desk, a slide, two rock corners, a log bench, a climbing wall, and plant.

House w/ Bedroom - Squirtle and Bulbasaur:

(Sorry, my hair got in the way of the second picture). Aww, I love this one. I don't care what people say, it's impossible to make a Squirtle that isn't precious <3. For some reason, this playset seems to make the most sense out of all of them (except maybe the Plusle and Minun flower shop).

Like the Lugia and Groudon set, this one comes with stairs, a bookshelf, a plant, a bed, a log desk, a table, two chairs, and two "buffet tables."

Flower Shop - Mewtwo and Skarmory:

I gotta say, of all places, a flower shop is the absolute LAST place I'd expect to find Mewtwo. And Skarmory, for that matter...

Now we know where Mewtwo's softer side came from...

Like the Plusle and Minun set, this one comes with two pink flower pots, two pink flower bunches, a stump, a small fir tree, a white shelf, a log see-saw, a log desk, a Wailmer pail, a red flower, a check-out desk, and stairs.

This concludes the lexicon; expect updates as I receive more playsets 8D, and remember, if you have one that you're willing to sell, let me know so we can organise a deal.

Hope you've all enjoyed!

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