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My first collection post (daaw)

As the title says. Here we go n' stuff~

warning: sorta image heavy.

My small collection. Mainly focusing on Mew and Zukans =D

Closer look at the Mews. Tiny, I know D= That thing on big Mews head is my school lanyard with Mew, Jirachi and Chii on.

Zukans 1...the Totodile line was a christmas gift. My friends know just what to get me~

Zukans 2. I managed to get the Manaphy/Mantine/Buizel lines first time around.

The newest additions! Bought them on christmas day from some japanese peeps and they came through like, five days later. Very quick. ;D Plus...

The guy who sold me Glaceon included the bag and...

Some notepad thingies. It'll look weird having christmas pictures up in the spring (and having a plastic bag stuck to my wall) but they're too cute to put away, danggit. they also gave me a Pokemon Center sticker which is on the back of my iPod. And a thank-you note. ^^ Very nice of 'em!

Okay, I'm done.

Tags: collection, glaceon, leafeon, mew, plush, zukan
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