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hey i recieved my rayquaza hat today (actucally yesturday.) i'm sorry there's no pictures my sister took her digital camera with her to her friends house so i'll have to steal it later. But it's much better quality then i thought it would be. it does like squeeze your head so that's kinda uncomfy but whatever.

i'm so disapointed in my highschool. I wore it to school today and 8 people out of like 2,000 could reconize what was on my head. Everyone was like what the hell is on your head. and i'm like what do you think it's a hat! Twas it funny. it was really a good time, cause this random girl at lunch was like where did you get that hat i want that hat! and i was like do you know who it is? and she was like no. then i laughed. my school is in high need of pokemon teachings.
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