frugrow (frugrow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My love/hate with Jakks Pacific

I've grown a liking to some of Jakk's Pokemon figures but need to get something off my chest.. You gotta hand it to the marketing "geniuses" over at Jakks for marketing the same f**king figures over and over again.  It's a tad annoying y'know? I've seen the same figures sold in packets of 3, single packets, figures in a tube, and the lastest, the diorama figure set.  Do they honestly think kids and the people who buy these are that dense?!

I bet their main selling point for the idea was "Hey! The figures are in a totally different packaging so the consumers will think they're  different even though they look identical to the ones we released already!"

Another rant is the Pokemon they chose to sell. We have Machop and Geodude..2 of the most annoying Pokemon in the world.  If you played the video games then you understand. but no Flygon? What's wrong with this picture?

Tags: figures
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