Magical Programmer Sammy (satrugha) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Magical Programmer Sammy


it's another game of what's in sam's old house!
last one before i leave mum's house and go back to mine :3

my tshirt :3

and the socks i got to go with it.
as you can see, i loved these socks. my feet are far too big for them now *weeps*

i have no idea what this cd does

and a plastic pikachu coin purse keychain thingy. i have no idea when or where i got this

this is a credit-card-sized calendar from 2000

at the theater i had to guess the sillouhettes of 6 pokemon then get my name drawn
here's the backpack from the first movie i won in a contest.

i also won the electric tale of pikachu

as well as the soundtrack and a poster and whole mess of the CCG cards

not selling any of this... yet.
i might take photos of the humongous poster collection i have when i get back home :3
Tags: collection
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