Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

suckin' too hard on your lollypop, ohhhhhh

okay guys. i pondered this for a few days and talked it over and decided this is what i want to do with my rentorah plushie!

so you want one of these....for FREE? :D

then if you have any artist talent whatsoever, click under the cut to find out how to get one!

i am trying to get more "fan" art for my comic strip, gai-gin. so i shall exploit rentorah to do so!

if you are interested, you don't have to force yourself to read my comic (although that is very sad D:). just check out the character page and draw some of them if you like the design!

raichu is a character in this comic (she plays the inner voice gin should have had), so raichu is fair game! so is mabo the ferret, a character who won't be introduced until summer but is already a mascot.

as it's not related to pokemon, just email me the art when it is done.

first prize
a rentorah UFO catcher!

runners up
i'll probably pick 5-10 people, depending on how many entries i get, and buy you the pokemon kids of your choice from the set being released in a week.

if i only get 10 or less entries, everyone gets a pokekid!

i will choose winners based on originality and the idea behind your art!

if you join you also are saying its okay with you if i post this art on the art section of my site.

i get/have gotten a bunch of fanart with the two "main" characters, gin and pyon. its fine if you draw them, but the other characters are lonely!

there are also two characters (miki the zombie and kenichi ito the guitarist) not yet on the chara page, they will be added shortly.

that's what i decided to do with rentorah... so do enter if you think its worth it, i guess!
Tags: contest, luxray, plush
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