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Tina Pratt

Sale Post: Jakks Figures, Plush, Zukan, Kids, TFG and more!

I'm thinning out my Pokemon collection and I'm ready to let go of some items. Please click the LJ Cut below, to see what I've got to offer including, Jakks Pacific Figures & Plush, an Eevee Plush Keychain, Zukan Figures, some Magmortar action, and more!

Jakks Pacific Dawn Figure: SOLD
The figure is in great condition, I bought her for the Buneary figure she came with and later decided I wasn't really that much of a dawn fan.

Jakks Pacific Mr. Mime Figure: $2.00

Jakks Pacific Spheal Figure: SOLD!

Pokemon Dome Figures: $1.00
Available:Togepi, Chansey, Horsea

Pokemon Dome Figures: $1.00
Available: Slowpoke, Ditto, Pikachu

Jakks Pacific Plush: $6.00 each
Available: Manaphy, Mantyke
These poor guys sat on my shelf and never got attention. Please give them a good home!

Eevee Plush Keychain: $4.00
This is probably over 7 years old. The brown plastic keychain shows some stress, but the plush is in great condition.

Magmortar Clipping Figure: $2.00

Magmortar Pokemon Kid: $3.00

Pokemon TFG Figures: $3.00 each
Available: Murkrow, Treeko, Salamance, Weezing

Castform Zukan Figure: SOLD!

Electabuzz/Elekid Zukan Figure: $4.00

Kingler/Krabby Zukan Figure: $5.00

With any purchase, you can choose one of these figures for free! The Pikachu has a small hairline crack in its dome and the Lugia TFG no longer spins.
Available: Pikachu, Lugia

All payments MUST be made with Paypal. I can ship all over the world, as well. Shipping for figures and Zukan figures is usually around $2.00.
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