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Say love, say love Oh love's gonna get you down~

Holy magikarp I have no life.

Anyway, my Shinx Canvas plush arrived today. Unfortunately for you lot, I have a new (but still with broken flash) camera! There was just enough light early this morning, so I grabbed the chance when I could ^_^

Warning: The following 15 images may cause brainhurtingly-cute sensations, severe allergic reactions, or brain cavities...

And despite the rocky start, it was love at first sight!

Aaaagh, that took too long XD

Exams are upon me, and I need to go study. Was a fun thing to do though ^^;;

Hope you guys get half the amusement out of it that I got making it! And that your opinions of me haven't lowered that much xP
Part 2 coming soon! ^^ *waiting for a box urhurhur*
Tags: minun, plush, plusle, shinx
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