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Contacting post rules - REVISED

Alright, so in reply to my last post concerning contacting/shout out posts, I have revised and possibly finalized the rules regarding these kinds of entries. I took suggestions from some of you.

What is a contacting post?
A post with no other purpose except to say something to another user(s). For example, "Hey so-and-so, I have received my items. Thank you!" or, "User A, B and C, I have sent your packages. Let me know when they arrive!" Due to an increase in these types of posts, I have decided to restrict them with a few exceptions.

Do NOT contact other users through pkmncollectors UNLESS:
- You are contacting more than eight people at one time.

- You have attempted to contact the user through several other means (e-mail, LJ messaging, instant messaging, etc.) but they still have not responded. I am allowing this because it may also be beneficial to other members, as someone metioned in my last post. i.e.: a seller who has not sent out items and is not responding to e-mails.

- The shout out is a side-note to a larger post. i.e.: at the top of a sale post/collection post, or if it is included along with a photo of the item that has been received. As long as it is not the main purpose of your entry, it should be okay.

I will be posting another entry shortly to begin compiling a contact post, which should make it easier to get a hold of other users.

I would like to get feedback once more for these rules bcause I make them official. Thanks! :)
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