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Crocheted Plushie // Luxio, Magnemite, & Rotom!

All of these little plushies were made for denkimouse!
Rotom and Magnemite are small gifts from me. :3
Now that she finally has them in her hands, I can share pictures of the little guys instead of hiding them!

(Many pictures under here~!)

I'm sorry to have to put an annoying watermark/signature on the photos, it feels selfish and rude...but people have been taking my photos and claiming the work as their own. :\

Also! denkimouse! I got your package today and SNOOVEER!! I was jumping with joy, he is THE cutest little plush I've ever seen! and my first Pokedoll. <3 The bat stuff is also adorable. Thanks so much! :3 I would totally have pictures but my camera won't turn on. ;3;
Tags: custom, luxio, magnemite, plush, rotom
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