eeveelution (eeveelution) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection post

i finally got my last package for a while in the mail, im pretty sure, so collection update post. :3

yay. :3

also the thing i got in the mail today was pt. 2 of the 10th anniv. zukan set, because my old darkrai got his stick snapped inside him D: i decided to keep a few others for myself but i'm selling these rejects the ones i didnt want.

Lucario, Mew, and Jirachi! all new in their own bags. $8 shipped. if you pay today, it'll go out tomorrow. :3

but i'm also really open to trades!! i'm always looking for Darkrai, Flareon, and Gengygengar stuff, but I'm also interested in gastly, haunter, wailord, flaaffy (and mareep), other eeveelutions, quagsire (and wooper), and dark/ghost type pokemon stuff. -breathe-

thank you. :3
Tags: collection, darkrai, sales
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