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I haven't posted my updated collection in a while, but since getting my room rearranged and getting a lot of new things, I've been meaning to. I just got my order from denkimouse today, so I figured why not? :D


1- Umbreon Pokedoll I got for Christmas gets to live on my new computer. Since it's so vertically challenged, I put my headphones and my microphone headset on it to pull it back. XD Also three of my Pokekids that I bought from juumou

2- My first gaming system. Ever. XD Pokemon GBC with Pikachu, Togepi and Jigglypuff on it.

3- Latios and Latias drawstring bags. I found my Latias one in the back of a drawer when I was emptying my room! XD It now holds all my games...

4- My DS Lite, with Salamence and Rayquaza attached to it. I want to attach Lugia as well, but I don't have any sort of chain long enough for it. :P

5- My new computer with an awesome Darkrai picture that my camera messed up.
Picture by Endless-Whispers on DA

6- Spiritomb plushie I got from Gin today! Thank you!!! :D It's so cute, and the drawing was awesome too. XD I put it off to the left by some of my other pictures.


1- Took Lati@s out of storage and put them up with my dragon figures.

2- Ugly little bootleg Spiritomb I got with my plushie. And Arcanine kid below it with two other canines. (Who feel very out of place among my dragons... XD)

3- Groudon, Tyrannitar and Totodile kids also from juumou (So's Arcanine)

4- Three little Rayquaza figures, one Mini-Cot figure, some random thing (I think it used to light up?) and a wobble ball. XD

5- My Char lineup has expanded a bit as well, a couple pencil topper type figures and a couple other things.

6- Dialga and Palkia Pokedolls, also Christmas gifts. :D

7- My tiny little Darkrai collection of three... I'm hoping to find more, maybe once Movie 10 comes out in America?

See if you can find my obligatory Mudkip. (He's pretty easy to find. XD)

I'm hoping to add more to my collection, I haven't been able to happen across any Giratina or Dusknoir yet, but I know those Chou-Getto(?) figures are coming out soon. :3
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