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New additions!!!

So this marks my first picture post ever! Go easy on me because I'm new to all this.  This post is a bit image-heavy. D:

Gasp!! A mysterious box appears!

Rampardos uses headsmash! The box didn't budge!

Bastiodon uses Iron head. *POW* The box finally opens!

What thing or creature lies below?!?!

It's Articuno!!! But wait....there's more?!!?

Zapdos and Moltres too?!?! No wai!

All 3 together...

Back of the packages..

My dino collection just for kicks! These guys are sooooo highly detailed!

Another angle.

Needless to say,  I am SO FREAKING HAPPY to finally have the 3 legendary birds in my possesion. What's great is that I got them for a really good price too...though shipping sort of balanced things out. Oh well.. At least I have them now!

Next in my list is Jirachi and the Regis...I'm looking for a Jirachi figure that's at least 3 inch tall. I'm not interested in the smaller 2" Tomy Pokemon Collection figure.  It's too small.  There is a  member here who is also a Regi collector.  Does anyone know who that person is? I want to see what kind of Regi figures are out there. Again, I'm looking for larger figures...

 Lastly, I sort of have a dilemma.. I'm not sure if I should open them or keep them in the state they're in.  They're still new and sealed but I want to display them...   I don't think these guys will be worth anymore than I paid for them in the next couple of years? Seems like only certain Pokemon plushies are more vaulable as they age...
Should I open them??? Yes, displaying figures still in their boxes is tacky! No! Save them and sell them for millions!!!
Tags: articuno, figures, moltres, zapdos
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