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Member Collection Site Master List

original artwork by J4ne-d-C4t

notice board
07/23: MCSML is pending an update. If you have yet to receive a reply to your application please be advised that you will shortly. <3

This listing is for permanent collection posts on your own journal, collection sites, ect.

To apply, simply comment with all of the requested information in the following format:

Collection Site Name: Put the name of your collection site here.
URL: Put the URL (link) of your collection site here.
Status: Please put what the current status of your collection site is.
Tags: Put up to 10 tags here. Choose any Pokemon or Pokemon Trainer. If you only collect pokedolls, zukans or tcg (for example) you may use these terms as tags instead of specific Pokemon or Pokemon Trainers.

Do not comment with a collection post that is not constantly recycled (i.e. if you make a new collection update every time you show off your collection; your links will not be listed here and your request will be denied.)

This list is open to anyone who is a member of our community so long as your collection site is focused mainly on Pokémon and is compliant to our community guidelines. Please go here to review our community guidelines.

Your collection site must be working and active. Random reviews will occur and if your link is found to be dead or inactive (see definition below) it will be moved to the revoked status for 30 days. If no action is taken on your behalf to make your listing active within this timeframe it will be removed from the Member Collection Site Master List and you must reapply if you want your collection site to be relisted.

What makes a collection site inactive? If it isn't consistently updated, has broken images, ect.

don't have a collection site?
If you don't have a collecton site but would like to make one, here are a few suggestions on where you can make your collection site...

Google Sites - create dynamic free websites with service from Google.
The Brass Tower: Rooms & Residence - premium affordable hosting provided by dakajojo specifically for this community. Note: This is still under construction, but is available! Contact dakajojo for more info!

application status key
Approved - Your collection site has been reviewed and will be added to the Master List.
Denied - Your collection site has been reviewed and is not eligible to be posted on the Master List. A reason will be provided.
Revoked - Your collection site has recently been reviewed and no longer meets eligiblity requirements. You have 30 days to respond with a working and active link before having to reapply.

listing status key
Open - The collection site is currently open.
Coming Soon - The member has indicated that the collection site is under construction, and should open in the very near future.
Hiatus - The member has indicated that the collection site is on hiatus, and should reopen in the very near future.
Closed - The collection site is currently closed.
Revoked - See "Revoked" in Application Status Key.

searching listing
Please press CTRL + F (PC) or COMMAND + F (MAC) and type in a pokemon you wish to search for. Click 'Next' to go to the next relivant collection site with the desired tag. If a collection site has the tag listed you will be able to quickly find collection sites in the listing that feature the desired Pokemon you are searching for.

legend (Currently only works for Internet Explorer)
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Collection Site:
Amity Square
Owner: miss_fuu_chan
Status: Open
Tags: pokedolls, ditto

Collection Site: Aura Pawprints
Owner: riolulz
Status: Open
Tags: riolu, mamoswine,infernape, gible, candice


Collection Site:
Blackthorn City
Owner: jayceanime
Status: Open
Tags: pokedolls, canvas, clair, lance, walky plush

Collection Site: The Brass Tower
Owner: dakajojo
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: Mew, Tsutarja, Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Pokedolls

Collection Site: The Broken Clock
Owner: atateatarin
Status: Open
Tags: Ho-oh, Bayleef, Meganium, Mew, Zukan

Collection Site: Bubble Tails
Owner: crimson_angel02
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: Marill


Collection Site:
Caffwin's Collections
Owner: caffwin
Status: Open
Tags: slowpoke, slowbro, slowking

Collection Site: Charmander and Friends
Owner: roxyryoko
Status: Open
Tags: Charmander, Eevee, Persian, Dodrio, Skarmory

Collection Site: Cherrygrove City
Owner: lovedbyahero
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: pokedolls, pikachu

Collection Site: Chikorita and Friends
Owner: mana_mihara
Status: Open
Tags: Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium, Shimama, Suicune

Collection Site: Chiisai Kai
Owner: tamago226
Status: Open
Tags: Mijumaru

Collection Site: Cinnabar's Burning Passion
Owner: whitewolflarka
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: Ninetales, Vulpix, Growlithe, Arcanine, Zukan

Collection Site: Celuthea's Collection
Owner: floette
Status: Open
Tags: Fossils, Legendaries, Kids, Zukan and TCG

Collection Site: Collectorviper
Owner: faiarrow
Status: Open
Tags: tcg


Collection Site:
Deep Fusion
Owner: trainer_irene
Status: Open
Tags: Toxicroak, Blaziken, Manectric, Honchkrow,
Umbreon, Walrein, Darkrai

Collection Site: Denki Pulse
Owner: juumou
Status: Open
Tags: Luxio, Tyranitar, Weavile, Furret, Typhlosion

Collection Site: Dialga FTW
Owner: happyjolteon
Status: Open
Tags: Dialga, Jolteon, dragons

Collection Site: drifbl.im
Owner: tortoises
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: sheep, drifs, vileplume, chansey, piplup


Collection Site:
Owner: chatsy
Status: Open
Tags: eevee, eeveelutions, chimchar, ash, plush

Collection Site: Ewokie's Munchlax
Owner: ewokie
Status: Open
Tags: munchlax


Collection Site:
Fushigi no Mori
Owner: chibichimp
Status: Open
Tags: venusaur, arcanine, growlithe, swampert, wailord


Collection Site:
Glacidea no Hana
Owner: sui_kune
Status: Open
Tags: Landmin/Shaymin Land Forme


Collection Site:
Hanten Sekai
Owner: ambertdd
Status: Open
Tags: giratina, regirock, ghosts, tentacruel, morty

Collection Site: High Tide
Owner: katcheecricket
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: Kyogre, Tentacool, Rayquaza, Wailord



Collection Site:
Jenny's Pokémon Collection
Owner: arceus
Status: Open
Tags: Shaymin (Sky forme), Rotom (Cut forme), Diglett, Dugtrio, Cresselia


Collection Site:
Kumori's Collection
Owner: eiei_o_kumori
Status: Open
Tags: Mew


Collection Site:
Legendary Lair
Owner: pika_lex
Status: Open
Tags: Skymin, Landmin, Lugia, Eeveelutions, Shinies

Collection Site: Lilycove Shores
Owner: reilaa
Status: Open
Tags: Milotic, Salamence, Skitty, Pokedolls, Tcg

Collection Site: Lips & Hips
Owner: kylie_fanatic
Status: Open
Tags: Jynx, Smoochum


Collection Site:
Mandy's Mouse Pokemon
Owner: mandyseley
Status: Open
Tags: Raichu, Pikachu, Rattata, Raticate, Bidoof,
Bibarel, Cyndaquil, Marill

Collection Site: MAMOSWINE!
Owner: mamoswine
Status: Hiatus
Tags: mamoswine, swinub, piloswine, flaaffy, tangrowth

Collection Site: Mareeps.com
Owner: rikufied
Status: Open
Tags: Ampharos, Flaaffy, Mareep, Misty


Collection Site:
Never Turn Back
Owner: rocketharuka
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: Eeveelutions, Lucario, Shaymin, May, Lugia

Collection Site: Nidokingdom
Owner: okapifeathers
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: Nidoran M, Nidorino, Nidoking, Tomy Figures



Collection Site:
pheonixxfoxx's Collection
Owner: pheonixxfoxx
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: Giratina, Suicune, Purugly, Glameow,
Team Rocket, Persian, Meowth, Giovanni, Jessie and James

Collection Site: Pokemon Propulsion
Owner: unknownrevenge
Status: Open
Tags: Unown, Smeargle, Spinarak, Ariados



Collection Site:
Raichu Saanan Sivut
Owner: raichu_saana
Status: Open
Tags: Raichu

Collection Site: River's End
Owner: keymonster
Status: Open
Tags: vaporeon, corphish, crobat


Collection Site:
Sacred Field
Owner: sui_kune
Status: Open
Tags: Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Absol

Collection Site: Slowpoke Well
Owner: lazer
Status: Open
Tags: slowpoke, slowbro, slowking

Collection Site: Small World
Owner: kweh_chan
Status: Open
Tags: ChibiPokeHouses (Pokemon Chibi World playsets), Tomy

Collection Site: So I Herd U Liek Luxrayz?
Owner: dragonslorefury
Status: Open
Tags: Luxray, Luxio, Shinx, Zoroark

Collection Site: Sunyshore
Owner: denkimouse
Status: Open
Tags: Raichu, Shinx, Luxio, Luxray, Raikou


Collection Site:
Tin Tower
Owner: chariflame
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: Ho-oh, Scyther, Noctowl, Unown, Green, Gary Oak

Collection Site: Togi Togi Purii - A Togepi Collection
Owner: kurai_tsuki7
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: Togepi, Togetic, Togekiss, Cherrim, Mantyke




Collection Site:
The Wayward Cave
Owner: orangegarchomp
Status: Coming Soon
Tags: Garchomp, Gabite, Gible, Electabuzz, Zukan

Collection Site: ♥Whimsical Cuteness♥
Owner: thecagebirdsing
Status: Open
Tags: Pikachu, Pokedoll Charms, Raikou, Espeon, Umbreon




Tags: collection
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