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Dragonite Mini Bust Sculpture For Sale :3

Hai everyone =D

Okay so in between working on stuff today, i decided to finally do a little Pokee sculpture. I had been requested to do a Houndoom sculpture commission but haven't heard back from them yet so i was like heh...i'll do another one for the time being. This little guy is going up for sale so if anyone would like to take a stab at adopting this little Dragonite, then i'm sure he'd love a good home ^-^

Since this is the first time i've actually done this, i'm going to put him up as an auction and keep that running for about 3 days. Hopefully someone will like to take him home otherwise i'll just have to keep him D:

Horrible Thumb

xP Sorry for all the x-posts to pokemon poke_arts

High bidder : olesvenson $18

End date: Saturday evening around 8pm =D

Info About Mr. Dragonite

Approx 5 Inches Tall

Approx 5 1/2 Inches Wide (including antennaes)

Completely hand crafted/sculpted by me. Done with Super Sculpey which is a ceramic-like sculpturing compound and is shatter and chip resistant.

Painted with acrylics, will be sealed with gloss coating finish. Touching up bottom part and spraying tomorrow when it's actually bright out so i can see what i'm doing outside xD

Starting bid price will be $18 since obviously i had to take the time to build him up, mold, sculpt, paint and use materials for that whole process :3 He's a bust and not a full size and it's my first one up so i wanted to keep the price down but also wanting to get enough for all the work i did for him -__-

Shipping will definitely depend on the buyer and what they would like in terms of speed. Keep in mind that when i ship these sculptures out, they will be in boxes and wrapped extremely securely by myself to ensure no damage. I'll also be making a point to write all over the box to HANDLE WITH EFFING CARE .V.

Feel free to comment or email me about any questions or anything at all. Email is bluetip13@hotmail.com

Thanks so much for looking ^-^

The flash kills the first image xP

And if you've got one of these package starters for the card game, well, the red line is basically just a comparison of how tall Mr. Dragonite is compared to the TCG box package :3
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