Sati R. (double_breaker) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sati R.

It's a Wooper collection! Get in the car!

Alright, this is my first time posting my major collections on this community, and I figured it was due time for me to do it. I didn't include my pokekids or pokemon center plushies, since I didn't think they'd be interesting enough.

Enjoy XD

My massive collection of Next Quest figures, because I love them so darn much.

Ah, it's my small (and still growing) Skorupi/Drapion and Bidoof/Bibarel collection. And yes, I accidentally snuck some other figures into the picture as well. I think Maya loves the Bidoof family quite a bit. XD

It's a Wooper staring contest. WHO WILL WIN.

The Wooper DX pillow plushie sits on my bed, next to a Raving Rabbid. There's a Quagsire one out there that I want, in order to make this dopey family complete.

:O! The motherload of my Wooper and Quagsire army. I'm still tying to catch up to you 1954! XD!

...And finally, a complete picture of my shelf of pokeymons. The Shellos figures at the ends are the newest Jakks figures, and I LUV them so. :3
Tags: bibarel, bidoof, collection, drapion, quagsire, skorupi, wooper
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