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Gold & Silver Burger King Mini-Gameboys a.k.a. Quilava Collector goes loony

I recently caught a lead that Quilava was featured in Burger King's Gold/Silver mini-gameboy promotion way back when, and as someone who goes insane upon seeing Quilava junk that I never knew existed (my radar totally missed the G/S promotion), I caved and bought a $20 eBay lot of sealed toys from the promotion.

...needless to say, most of the mini-GBs were dupes that were NOT Quilava (at least I got a single sexy chrome Lugia and a COMPLETE Mareep GB/card/cartridge set from it, but that's for a future post). :D;; But I'd like to ask if anyone knows a source where I can buy more of these mini-GBs, has any informaion to spare, or if anyone here has the Quilava GB, domino card, and/or even cartridge they wouldn't mind selling or trading. If anyone can find or sell me a Quilava, or even point me to a source to buy more BK toys like this (besides eBay), I will give you free stuff out the nose! Any of the birds and Seadra would be awesome as well (I got a Hoothoot cartridge with one of my GBs! :D).

But even then I think I may want to start collecting these little buggers (though not too passionately); not only in hopes of satisfying my crazy Quilava obsession, but actually having my hands on them is making me LIKE them, regardless of whether or not I like the featured Pokemon. D:

...Oh, the things I do for a fire weasel. :<

EDIT: For those curious about what Pokemon are featured in the mini-Gameboy promotion (for want lists, etc), there's a list HERE.
Tags: quilava, wanted
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