I am a writer of fictions (ravestars85) wrote in pkmncollectors,
I am a writer of fictions

Just a random mini sales post, and a story!

For anyone here that is into the Phoenix Wright series, I picked up the plush Shellos East Sea from Jakks Pacific when I was working on the mission with Shelly De Killer. My boyfriend and I nicknamed my Shellos "Shellos De Killer" and my pink Shellos Plush is Shella De Killer. Well, last night on a trip to Wal Mart, I found something.....

It's the real Shellos De Killer! And he works for the Honchkrow Mafia!

I also have a few cards for sale:

Shellos, Magmar, Shuppet-.50 each

Wooper-75 cents
Bulbasaur-50 cents

Plusle and Minun-2.00 each

Shipping will just be 1.00 on the cards. Enough to cover paypal costs and whatnot. I have plenty of other cards, so if there is anything else you're looking for, feel free to ask me!
Tags: cards, honchkrow, sales, shellos
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